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Integration with DXC's CDX WSI

  • Leverage Material Data Sheets (MDSs) and Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMD) in your current systems and automatically exchange
  • Integrate CDX data with existing processes and systems in your environment
  • Use the download interface to transfer CDX standard information, as well as CDX data sheets used by your company - public and your own - and company-specific substance lists, regulations, and regulation exemptions to your local systems for in-house administration
  • Use the upload interface to transfer data from your in-house systems to CDX.

Click here for CDX WSI technical information and standards.

CDX WSI Functions

With CDX WSI the user has the same functions available as in the CDX Web Application.

Web Services for MDSs:

The MDS Web-Services works with the Down- and Upload Services for maintaining company-specific regulations, rules and exemptions as well as including attachments with the business function methods.

  • You can upload own MDSs into CDX or request MDSs from your suppliers using the MDS Request function - after this, you get the results of your Upload Requests.
  • Special reports like Material Declarations (MD) and Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) can be created using CDX WSI and downloaded in XML format from CDX.
  • Your company can transfer CDX standard information, such as published materials, norms, basic substances catalogue, and substance lists like "REACH Annex" to your in-house systems.
  • In addition, CDX data sheets used by your company - public and your own - and company-specific substance lists, regulations, and regulation exemptions can be transferred from your local systems and locally stored for in-house administration. From your in-house systems you can initiate status changes like accepting/rejecting supplier MDSs, as well as releasing, sending, deleting etc. of own MDSs.
  • With CDX Web Services you have the possibility to attach documents in various formats (e.g. *.pdf, *.docx, *.xml, *.xlsx, and *.zip) to your MDSs.

Web Services for CMD:

The CMD Web Services use methods for business functions, which allows a nearly synchronous communication with CDX.

With the CMD Request Services you can

  • Request CMD from your suppliers, delete the request or cancel and change the request
  • Accept or reject received requests, attach a CMD to the Request or change the Request
  • Search for and download CMD Templates, received and own requests

With the CMD Services you can

  • Search for all CMD, received CMD (Inbox), own CMD (Outbox) and smelters
  • Create own CMD, attach documents and carry our different update functions for a CMD, like adding/deleting recipient/supplier information, question catalogues and smelters

Your advantages

  • Reduced efforts for data collection and data management 
  • Increased data quality
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Local management and integration of information on products and materials for CDX Reports

Using the CDX WSI

Users with a valid CDX MDS license can use the CDX Web Services for MDSs and those with a CDX CMD license for CMD Web Services.

Please read on the Order Information Page how you can order a CDX license.

The CDX Web Service User manual contains a detailed description of the Services and how this can be used to communicate with your specific in-house solution.


The SAP module “Product Compliance for Discrete Industries” (formerly: “EHSM”) is the perfect complement to CDX for managing compliance information in SAP and linking it to other information in SAP ERP / PLM solutions. For this purpose, the relevant data and processes from CDX were integrated into the SAP system using the CDX Web Services. Further information can be found in the SAP presentation "CDX SAP Interface - Solution Overview" and in the document "CDX SAP Interface - Technical Documentation" that can be downloaded on our Tutorials page.

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CDX WSI Factsheet (DIN A4)

CDX WSI Factsheet (DIN US)