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06/10/2013 - CDX Release 3.0 is online

CDX Release 3.0 will contain the following improvements and changes:

Japanese language for CDX web application is available, so now supporting Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean.

An upgraded, full featured Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) Manager with CDX Release 3.0

On June 10, 2013 we uploaded new Conflict Mineral Declaration (CMD) functions in CDX Release 3.0. Here is an overview of the main enhancements of the existing CMD Manager within CDX:

  • Import and Export function for all published versions of the EICC-GeSI CMD templates including Version 2.02
  • Revision and version control of imported, received, created and exported CMDs
  • Automated CMD quality checks to verify supplied information
  • Most complete source for smelter information currently available:
    • Conflict Free Smelters (CFS)from http://www.conflictfreesmelter.org/
    • Known smelters from EICC GeSI CMD template (current version)
    • Smelters registered as companies in CDX
    • Alleged smelters, private to the reporting company, i.e. "smelter not listed" on EICC-GeSI CMD template

These enhancements enable a managed CMD process with full control over the company's supply chain. Further analysis and reporting enhancements are in design.

For more detailed information on the Release 3.0 enhancements, please see the CDX User Manual.

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 CDX CMD Manager (US Letter)

 CDX CMD Manager (DIN A4)

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