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07/17/2014 - CDX Release 3.7

The CDX Release 3.7 rollout, scheduled for July 18th, 2014 will include the following enhancements:

Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) Manager:

  • A new CMD Request function is now available: This function enables  a customer to send a CMD request to a supplier. You can either create a new CMD Request or search for received or sent CMD Requests in either the CMD Request Inbox or CMD Request Outbox.
  • Analogous to the MDS Admin menu, a CMD Admin menu is now available to Company Administrators, which enables them to move CMDs (both own and received) between Org Units.
  • In CMD-specific statistics within the Administration > Statistics menu, the Company Administrator can now filter different statistical dates for all CMDs (received, sent, and own).
  • We now provide support of CMD Templates Version 3.0 and 3.01.

MDS Update Function:

You can now easily identify and update supplier MDS updates when the supplier MDS is used within your company's MDSs. This feature lists supplier-updated MDSs, and also names the specific owned or published MDSs (which reference an older version of the supplier-updated MDS).

Enhanced Company Registration for Detailed Partner References:

When your company is referred to CDX, you can now provide more detailed information regarding who originated the recommendation. 

Adjustments to CDX Licenses, Terms of Use and General Terms and Conditions:

The CDX Licenses screens in the Administration menu were adapted to reflect changes in the CDX pricing model. The CDX Material Datasheet Licenses will be reflected within a 'Receiver Volume License' (RVL) which is now valid until fully spent or for one year after activation.

These changes are also included in the revised "CDX Terms of Use" and "General Terms and Conditions for CDX" guidelines. With your next login to CDX the new version of "CDX Terms of Use" will be shown. You will need to Accept after reading the Terms of Use to proceed. Decline takes you back to the CDX start page and you will not be able to use CDX.

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 CDX CMD Manager (US Letter)

 CDX CMD Manager (DIN A4)

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