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09/19/2014 - CDX Release 4.0 is online

CDX Release 4.0 is now available and provides the following enhancements:


Quality Reporting function for all Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs)


  • Simply go to the CMD Details screen and use the "Search Quality Profile" button  above the CMD tree structure
  • Four system-owned quality checks are available:
  1. Check for general template information (general validation)
  2. Check for company content (Part A validation)
  3. Check for answers to the "metals identification" questions (Part B validation)
  4. Check for answers to "Conflict Free Policy" (Part C validation)
  • The validation rules depend upon which template version the checked CMD is based
  • The CMD detail results contain the following information:
  1. Fatal/error/warning information
  2. The used check rules
  3. Violation class
  4. Corresponding text that guides you with additional steps you should take

Statistical Information in CMD Details Screen

To access statistical information about your CMD, please use the "Statistics" button  above CMD tree structure. This screen will show you graphical details about smelter types, metals and countries used in this CMD.

Enhancements to Company Specific Substance Lists in CDX

To improve the ability to check/analyze MDSs against own company substance lists, the following enhancements are now available in this function:

  • You can now add more attributes to your own company's substance list, such as version number or valid dates.
  • You can grant a company access to your substance list by simply releasing it.
  • In the MDS ingredients screen, you can filter the tree structure for company specific substance lists. In the filter, you will find your own company lists, along with lists from companies that granted access to their specific list(s). Any substance from the chosen company specific list that is contained in the tree structure will be shown in red.
  • In MDS Requests, you can add your company specific substance list to give to your client, including the substances that should either be contained or not contained in the requested MDS.

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