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11/27/2014 - CDX Release 4.1 with new functions

CDX Release 4.1 (rollout on November 27, 2014) provides the following improvements and changes:

Email Process for single CMD and MDS Request (External Request)

With this email process, CDX users can send requests to companies currently not registered in CDX, when asking for submission of Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs) and/or Material Data Sheets (MDSs). The company will receive an email with the request information, along with an invitation to register in CDX, and provides the ability to manage their submissions directly into the system.

Enhancements to the Quality Reporting function for all CMDs

The following functions are now included in the CMD Quality Reporting module:

  • Reports on all owned and supplier CMDs with preselected quality profiles, including
    • All user-owned CMDs
    • All recipient CMDs (the subset of own CMDs sent to recipients)
    • All supplier CMDs
  • Analyzes smelter types, as well as gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten (3TG) metal usage included in the CMDs
  • Calculates supplier quality scoring using the criteria that you define
  • Monitors quality improvement for owned and supplier CMDs
  • Exports supplier supplemental smelter input
  • Graphs CM quality metrics and statistics for your own, as well as all supplier CMDs

CMRT Template Version 3.02

CDX supports the latest CMRT Template (version 3.02).

Enhancements to Company Specific Substance Lists in CDX

To improve the ability to check/analyze MDSs against own company substance lists, the following enhancements are now available for this function:

  • Grouping of Substance Lists in the Filter Function of MDS Detail
  • Select a number of substances when creating a Company Substance List
  • Company Specific Substance list of another company where access was granted can be linked to a MDS request. To keep the originator of the list confidential, the name of the list will be masked / overridden for the company to which the MDS Request was sent.
  • As soon as access to a Company Specific substance list is granted to another company, items cannot be added or deleted. The list will be "frozen".

Company Reorganization Feature

Many companies, regardless of industry, often experience acquisitions or divestitures in their operations. A clear defined company structure in CDX helps CDX users better manage their information during such changes. We can help you reorganize your company information in CDX following an acquisition or divestiture, and integrate information to/from the current company and to/from the new company.

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