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05/21/2015 ¿ CDX Release 4.2 with additional options

The new CDX Release 4.2 (available May 7, 2015) includes the following enhancements:


CMRT Template Version 4.0

CDX supports the latest CMRT Template (version 4.0).


Bulk Send for CMD and MDS Requests

The bulk request option enhances the existing request capability by enabling CDX users to send registration requests or MDSs, as well as CMD requests, to multiple suppliers simultaneously. 

CDX users can now extract data from their ERP, Supplier Management or any other in-house system to prepare the request data in MS Excel format (xls, xlsx), and then upload the file into CDX.

In the respective Outbox Search screen (because this function is only related to own MDS or CMD requests) is now a template (xls format) to download, where you can list all your MDS or CMD requests. This prepared file can then be uploaded into CDX using the new "Import" button.

Generally, all imported requests from one file would share the same "request group ID". The group ID is used to describe all related requests that belong to the same imported request template. It can be used later to find all related imported requests. All requests defined in the template will be imported. Once the import process is completed, a summary dialog is shown that details import result information. If any information in a request is missing, you can edit the respective request directly in CDX.

To bulk send a set of requests, simply select multiple requests in either the CMD or the MDS request outbox and right-click the context menu. "Send" will start sending all preselected requests. At completion, once all preselected requests are handled by sending process, a separate summary dialog will show the result of the bulk send.

Enhancements to Company Specific Substance Lists

In the filter function, pre-selection and grouping of lists is now available in several screens, instead of only in the MDS Detail screen (e.g. substance search, Where-Used Analysis ¿).

Adaptions in the "delete" functions for Company Specific Substance Lists have been implemented. When you need to delete an existing list, the system now differentiates between logical and physical deletion, depending on references to the list. If a list is released or referenced in a request, it will be deleted only logically.

A change has also been made regarding the handling of lists attached to a request. If a company specific substance list is attached to a request and the access to this list is revoked, the list will be visible, but not more accessible, in the request.

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