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07/21/2015 - CDX Release 4.3 enhancements


CDX Release 4.3 rollout (scheduled for July 30, 2015) provides the following improvements and changes:


Enhanced Support for Your Compliance Reporting / Regulation Wizard

CDX improves the compliance reporting possibilities with additional regulation related information for your Material Data Sheets (MDSs). In the MDS ingredients tab, the substances will be shown with detailed information regarding compliance with the following global regulations: REACH SVHC, REACH Annex XIV, REACH Annex XVII, RoHS, RoHS Future, ELV, GADSL, Batteries, Packaging, and IMO.

The Company Administrator can now specify to what regulations a received MDS supplied to the company should comply at the Org Unit level, and whether or not a confirmation from the supplier is required.

A new Regulation Wizard helps with the creation of an MDS structure that provides information regarding certain regulations. The wizard will guide the user on providing the required information for the supported regulations.

For component MDSs, the Ingredients tab and the MDS Report now provide a complete overview of all relevant substances and applicable regulations.


Attachments to your Material Data Sheet

Users may now provide additional information for each MDS via attachments with short descriptions. File formats allowed include xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf, and zip. Up to 5 attachments with a maximum size of 10 MB per attachment are permitted for each MDS. CDX scans each file during upload, and permits attachment only if found safe.


Adjusted Part/Item Numbers Handling

CDX now permits users to specify multiple Part/Item numbers for each MDS. MDSs submissions and MDS requests also permit multiple Part/Item numbers in the recipient relevant data for each recipient. Users may view, add, change or remove part/item numbers in a simple table.


New Checks for Material Data Sheets

The MDS Create process assigns each MDS a default system-generated name. Users must now change the default name to a meaningful name, or the CDX check process will produce an error. Errors display an error message and prevent releasing, sending or proposing the MDS

The MDS Create and Edit processes include the capability for users to provide the Measured Weight. Failure to provide the measured weight will result in an informational checker message for one-level-declaration MDSs (a one-level-declaration MDS consists of only a root node without any sub-level nodes). For partial and full material declaration MDSs the measured weight must be entered ┬┐ otherwise an error message prevents releasing / sending / proposing the MDS.

CDX recommends an attachment to explain the content of one-level-declaration MDSs. Omitting the attachment results in an informational message, yet will not prevent releasing / sending / proposing the MDS. (As company specific enhancement for suppliers to the Bosch Group, one-level-declaration MDSs for Bosch must have an attachment.)


Conflict Minerals Declaration Link to MDS

For CMDs with product or user-defined declaration scope, CDX users may specify the scope of the CMD through assignment of one or more sent and accepted MDS(s). The user identifies the MDS(s) on the CMD Recipient information page, permitting one CMD to reference specific MDSs to different recipients. In the CMD Search screen you can search for CMDs with assigned MDSs, using the Part/Item No. field. Enter a specific number, or a partial number and asterisk for a pattern search, or the asterisk alone (*) for a wild card search.


Company Specific Enhancements for Suppliers to the Bosch Group

This release adds functionality exposed only to users for specific companies, and adds system checks that apply only when a supplier is submitting to a specific recipient. Several of these company-specific enhancements apply for users from and suppliers to the Bosch Group. A new chapter in the CDX User Manual titled ┬┐Company Specific Enhancements┬┐ provides guidance with how to comply with these company-specific requirements and understand company-specific check results.

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