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11/23/2015 - CDX Release 4.4 with Deficiency Report

CDX Release 4.4 (rollout on November 26, 2015) provides the following new functions:

CMRT Template Version 4.01b

With the new release CDX supports also the CMRT Template version 4.01b (latest version).

Deficiency Report for Conflict Minerals Declarations

Companies managing supplier Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs) receive, process and respond to these CMDs. The process to show ¿due diligence¿ as required under the SEC ruling consists of assessing and scoring supplier responses in the CMDs. Reporting companies must show improvement in the information they report, in a positive feedback loop. The new Deficiency Report function within the CDX Conflict Minerals Manager supports these companies with the ability to provide email feedback to suppliers when the CMDs they submit do not meet data quality expectations.

With this function, the CDX Company Administrator can define company wide valid quality profiles to check the received supplier CMDs and predefine email send information. With those profiles, each user can perform the Deficiency Report to find missing information in every CMD and then send an email to the CMD provider that identifies the incorrect information. The Deficiency Report results table shows all CMDs with their result scorings and amount of Fatal Errors, Errors, Warnings and Information as already known from the CMD Quality Reporting. Based on the checks and the predefined email information, an email text is system-generated. This email can be modified by the user to give the supplier as much information as needed to indicate what needs to be changed in the CMD to meet requirements.

Basic Substance Request and Search Basic Substance Changes

To create complete material declarations in CDX users need to reference basic substances. If a specific basic substance is not found in CDX, a user may submit a request to add the substance. The CDX Chemical Service can then process the request and add the required Basic Substance.

With the new functions ¿Search Basic Substance¿, a user can search for hidden, inactive or active basic substances and view the change history. In the change history screen, the user may select a time period for which to review executed changes. The result list will contain several detailled change information. The user may obtain a detailed description of the change history by clicking any of the listed substances.

Org Unit Report

To successfully use Organization Units, each Organization Unit must have a user assigned. Only users with the Organization Unit assigned can view, accept or reject MDSs sent to the Org Unit. The Org Unit Report screen displays all Organization Units without assigned users but containing created or received MDSs. If a supplier sends an MDS to an Org Unit without a user assigned, no one will ever know that it has been received as only users with the Org Unit assigned to them can view the inbox of that Org Unit.

Network Performance Index

The PC internet access capacity for using CDX is standardized. If the system appears ¿slow,¿ this can be due to several factors (e. g. the internet connection in your own company or the performance of the internet service provider). CDX provides the capability for the user to test system performance. In the analysis, you can also see comparison values. The ¿Network Performance Test¿ can be found in the CDX after log-on by clicking the ¿Network Performance Index¿ in the Help menu. The result browser window contains the network performance for your PC.

CDX Web Service

The CDX Web Service has now been extended to provide the following information and features:

Classic MDS Upload Web Service

The classic Upload Web Service now supports company specific enhancements. The Upload permits users to use ¿One Level Declarations¿ and specify ¿Multiple Part/Item Numbers¿ and ¿Company Specific Regulations of the Bosch Group¿.

Classic MDS Download Web Service

The classic Download Web Service also provides additional information regarding company specific enhancements. In addition, authorized suppliers can download lists that contain customer part/item numbers and recommended datasheets.

Business Function Web Service

This functionality allows a synchronous operation with CDX via the Web Service interface. Individual objects can be searched, and, in specific cases, added/modified or removed.

For material datasheets, several search functions for company specific regulations, substance lists and attachments are now available. Attachments can also be appended to an MDS and then removed.

For Conflict Minerals, especially with CMD requests, the same range of functions as web services are available and provided in the CDX web application. In addition to several search functions, users can create, send, cancel, delete and reject a CMD request and also assign/unassign CMDs to/from a request.

For a complete overview what Web Service can be used, please read the Web Service Manual (also available in CDX > Help > Web Service).

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