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11/08/2016 - CDX Release 5.1 with further enhancements

CDX Release 5.1 (rollout planned on November 24, 2016) provides the following new functions and improvements:

Menu Restructuring - Different Views Available

With CDX you can manage Material Data Information (MDS) as well as Conflict Minerals Information (CMD). To simplify the look and feel of CDX and provide more logical access to CMD and MDS functionality, you can change now the menu view according to your personal needs. If you work only with CMD, you should setup the "CMD View". If your focus is more on MDSs, please use the "MDS View". You can change the view in the Administration Menu or with the new Settings button in the Toolbar; the "MDS View" is preset as default view.

Versioning of Imported CMRT

With this new functionality introduced in the CMRT Import process, the user can select an existing CMD in CDX as dedicated previous version of the CMRT to be imported. That way, the user gets the ability to track an imported CMRT and its relationship to other CMDs owned by the user's company.

Enhancements to IPC1752A Class D Import and Export

With Release 5.1 the following enhancements to the IPC1752A Class D Import/Export functions were implemented:

Semi-Component Handling:
Handling and converting of semi-components when they occur in the MDS tree structure during the IPC1752A Class D export

Regulation Exemption Handling:
Mapping of regulation and exemption information during IPC1752A Class D Import and Export

Credit Card Payment for CDX Orders Introduced

You can now pay your license orders in CDX by credit card. During the order process (in CDX menu Administration> CDX Licenses), you can select whether you want to pay your order by invoice or by credit card. Accepted card providers are MasterCard / EuroCard, Visa Card, and American Express.

CDX Web Services

For CDX Web Services no changes have been implemented in Release 5.1.

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