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02/13/2017 - CDX Release 5.2 with new features

CDX Release 5.2 (rollout on February 23, 2017) provides the following enhancements:

Export and Import Capability for IEC62474 Declarations

This new CDX functionality supports users who have requirements to file IEC62474 (Material Declaration for Products of and for the Electrotechnical Industry) declarations and simplifies the CDX Material Data Sheets (MDS) creation using existing data.

In CDX, users are now able to export own or published MDSs as an IEC62474 declaration. IEC62474 declarations can also be imported as an own MDS to CDX. One imported IEC62474 declaration may result in more than one MDS, depending on how many products it has recorded.

During the import process the user is guided by a wizard dialogue step by step. Additional IEC information data for the MDS (e.g. import date etc.) can be viewed in the MDS Detail screen once imported. An imported MDS is imported as an own MDS in edit mode so it can be reworked and amended for further processing.

In addition, the MDS Search screen allows the CDX user to search for MDSs that originated as an imported IEC62474 declaration.

Enhancements to IPC1752A Import and Export

With Release 5.2 the Import and Export functions for IPC 1752A Class C format were implemented in CDX. This extends the already for Class D available IPC 1752A support and works similar to the Class D Import and Export.

While the IPC1752A Export function requires a CDX MDS license, the Import function can be used without a license.

Supplier Part Number for Recipients

Certain companies require supplier part numbers (internal numbers) from their suppliers. CDX now supports this requirement with visible Part/Item Numbers for companies marked as Supplier Part Number Recipient (SPNR).

If your company needs the supplier part number from the suppliers, you can contact the CDX Service Desk to be marked as Supplier Part Number Recipient. When the supplier creates an MDS and adds the SPNR marked company to the recipients the supplier's Part/Item Number(s) will be copied from the Ingredients Tab into the "Transfer Information" in the Recipient Data Tab. The supplier (MDS creator) can remove the automatically filled numbers, or can also add more numbers.

If the recipient company is marked as a SPNR, the system checks if a Supplier Part/Item Number is included in the MDS. At least one Supplier Part/Item Number must be set in the Recipient Data before sending to a SPNR is possible.

For the recipient company the Supplier Part/Item Number is displayed in the Transfer Information of the Recipient Data.

Enhancements to Regulations

To improve the Regulations administration and handling, several amendments have been implemented. With CDX Release 5.2 you can now create company specific regulations based on global regulation (e.g. RoHS). In the Regulations administration screen a column was added to display the version for each regulation. The filter function in the Regulations will be displayed as table menu, and in the MDS Ingredients screen minor changes have been implemented to enhance the usability.

New Field in MDS and CMD Request

Sometimes the given information in an MDS and/or CMD Request are not sufficient and an additional comment is needed. For this case we have added a Comment field at the bottom of the MDS as well as the CMD Request screen. Here the user can enter additional information for the request recipient.

CDX Web Service Interface (CDX WSI)

The CDX WSI has been extended to support the above mentioned enhancements:

The new "Comment" field in MDS and CMD Requests has been included and is reflected in the corresponding WSDL files and schemas.

The "Supplier Part Number" will be included in the Recipient Data (where applicable, when sending to a Supplier Part Number Recipient).

New Web Services for IEC and IPC transformation support IEC62474 Import and Export as well as IPC1752A Class C and Class D Import and Export.

For a complete overview what Web Services can be used, please read the Web Service Manual.

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