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05/22/2017 - CDX Release 5.3 with extensive enhancements

CDX Release 5.3 (rollout planned on June 8, 2017) provides the following new functions and improvements:

CMRT Template Version 5.0

CDX supports also the latest CMRT Template version 5.0.

Import Material Data Sheets from IMDS into CDX

With Release 5.3 CDX includes the ability to import existing Material Data Sheets (MDSs) from the International Material Data System (IMDS) into CDX. With this function, DXC addresses the automotive supplier's need to further process MDSs that are already available in the IMDS, and are also used for other industries, without re-entering them in CDX.

The import of MDSs can be initiated out of CDX when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The IMDS company owns a valid IMDS AI license (at least a Tariff E license is needed).
  • The CDX user needs valid IMDS credentials (IMDS User ID and password) to import data from IMDS into CDX.
  • Data transfer from IMDS to CDX is in line with the IMDS Terms of Use.

In addition

  • A CDX License is not required.
  • IMDS MDSs can be imported into CDX, but not exported to IMDS.

The IMDS Import is initiated in CDX by selecting the menu MDS > Import > Import IMDS MDSs. Similar to the IPC 1752A import and IEC62474 import an Import Wizard Dialog is launched which guides you through the import process. When the import is complete, the transferred MDS is stored in CDX in edit mode to allow the user to rework or complete the data sheet with CDX specific information. For every MDS imported from IMDS, the information about the transfer is displayed in section "IMDS Information" within the MDS Ingredients details for the root node of the datasheet.

Regulation Wizard and Information for Semicomponent MDS

Companies collect information about different regulations, which are relevant for their products. To comply with your client's regulation requirements the Regulation Wizard and the Regulation Information in the MDS Details (already known from Component and Material MDSs) are now also available when you create a Semicomponent MDS.

When you start the Regulation Wizard you have to select the company you want to submit your MDS to. The system shows you, what regulations you need to be compliant with especially for this recipient company and guides you through those regulations and the required information. If the recipient company has company specific regulations, you need to confirm them also in the Recipient Data.

Enhancements to IPC1752A Import and Export

For the IPC Standard, the enhanced RoHS and REACH substance categories (valid since Feb 2014) have been implemented.

While exporting an MDS into an IPC1752A Class C or Class D file, you can now choose in the export wizard which regulations you want to report against in the export file. The IPC regulations will be listed and you can select one (for Class D) or more (for Class C) regulations for the export.

When an MDS is exported into an IPC1752A Class C file, all non-regulated substances are not listed in the file. The report file includes statements for all substances of the selected regulation(s), even when such a substance is not included in the MDS.

CDX Web Services

The CDX Web Service Interface now also supports the new regulations information for Semicomponent MDSs as well as the import of IPC and IEC data files with unknown substances.

Furthermore the following new file types are available with mapping information for CDX Node-ID and IMDS Node-ID:

MPSAll       All Public Standard Material datasheets with mapping of CDX Node-ID and IMDS Node-ID
MPSDaily   Public Standard Material datasheets with mapping of CDX Node-ID and IMDS Node-ID, changes of one day, the previous day
SPMAll       All Basic Substances with mapping of CDX Node-ID and IMDS Node-ID
SPMDaily   Basic Substances with mapping  of CDX Node-ID and IMDS Node-ID, changes of one day, the previous day


New License Model for Material Data Reporting

Starting June 1, 2017, DCX Technology offers a new licensing model for Material Data Reporting with CDX. The new pricing structure has been significantly simplified and will differentiate small, medium, and large businesses based on the number of your company's suppliers.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to test CDX for 30 days free of charge. The test version includes all functionalities except CDX Web Services and the Administration of company specific basic substance lists and regulations.

The annual fee for the advanced features of the CDX CMD Manager remains unchanged at 500.00 Euros.

A detailed description about all available CDX licenses is available on our Order Information page.

If you want to order an MDS License or a free test version, please send your order by email to cdx-order@dxc.com.

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