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08/14/2017 - CDX Release 5.3.1 with further enhancements

CDX Release 5.3.1 (rollout planned on August 31, 2017) provides the following enhancements:

System generated CDX email changes

After CDX Release 5.3.1 rollout on August 31, 2017 any mails formerly sent from cdx-mailer@hpe.com or cdx-mailer@dxc.com will be sent from CDX-Mailer@cdxsystem.com. This will affect all mails on registration, password reset and information on Material Data Sheets (MDSs) or Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs). Some companies do use email spam filters, which block emails with the word "password" in it. Please make sure that your email server allows emails with the word "password" from CDX-Mailer@cdxsystem.com. Otherwise you will not be able to receive system-generated emails from CDX (e.g. for password resets).

As announced in April, CSC and HPE Enterprise Services have been merged to the new DXC Technology company. With this merge also the email-addresses were migrated into the DXC Domain. Please contact the CDX Team through the published channels.

Receive information about Basic Substance Group and Regulation changes

CDX Users can now also subscribe for changes in Basic Substance Groups and Regulations. This can be done in the menu under Administration > Personal Settings. On a regular basis, the system informs users with such a subscription about changes in Global Substance Groups or Regulations within the last period.

Furthermore, a new menu item has been added to the Functions / Basic Substance sub-menu, where the CDX User can search for Basic Substance Group or Regulation changes. Here you can choose a Basic Substance Group or Regulation to search for all changes in a certain time frame. In the Result Table you will see the substances which were added or deleted from the group or regulation during the chosen time frame.

Please note, that only Basic Substance Group and Regulation changes occuring after CDX Release 5.3.1 will be visible.

Increased precision of weight entry from microgram to nanogram

It is now possible to enter smaller measured weight values for your material data sheets. Before the Release, a measured weight entry of greater than 0.001 mg (= 1 microgram) had to be entered. With CDX Release 5.3.1 the precision for measured weight input has been increased to 0.000001 mg (= 1 nanogram).

Enhancements to IPC1752 formats

The IPC1752 Standard update from July 2017 has been incorporated in CDX.

Adjustments to CDX License administration and General Terms and Conditions

The CDX Licenses screens in the Administration menu were adapted to reflect the Release 5.3 changes in the CDX license model. The CDX Material Datasheet Licenses (MDS) as well as the CDX Test License (30 days free of charge) can now be ordered online.

MDS Licenses, which have been activated before June 2017, will stay valid to the conditions as ordered, but were converted to the new license model and accordingly reflected in the license administration screen. If you have questions regarding converted MDS Licenses, please email us: cdx-order@dxc.com

The new license model is also included in the revised "General Terms and Conditions for CDX" guidelines.

CDX Web Services

Changes in the CDX Web Service Interface have been implemented to support the above mentioned precision of weight entry enhancements.

With the CDX Web Services you are now also able to search for and receive email notifications about Basic Substance Group or Regulation changes.

For Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMD) new methods and parameters were added to the WSI to be able to aggregate Question/Answers from added Supplier CMDs through Web Services.

For a complete overview on the Web Services available, please read the Web Service Manual (also available in CDX > Help > Web Service).

CMRT Template Version 5.01

CDX supports the latest CFSI CMRT version 5.01 (already implemented in June 2017).

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