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01/23/2017 - CDX Release 5.4 with further improvements


CDX Release 5.4 (rollout planned on February 28, 2018) provides the following enhancements:

Enhanced Request Functionality for MDS and CMD

With Release 5.4 the following functional enhancements will be available for both MDS and CMD Requests:

  • The requestor is now able to send additional CMD and/or MDS requests to a supplier company – even if the company has not yet been activated.
  • The requestor receives a registration confirmation email, as soon as the supplier company has been activated in CDX.
  • In the company search in new requests as well as in the Request Outbox the requestor is able to search also for requests sent to companies, which have not yet activated their pre-registration - limited to those companies pre-registered by the requestor.
  • In the request message header a "reply-to" field is introduced, which will inform the requestor about undeliverable requests, if the target mail-server supports this.
  • For requests to be sent to companies not yet registered in CDX, the requestor can now add attachments to provide additional information to the supplier, if the requestor company has a valid CDX license.
  • In the notification emails additional information are displayed to identify the request sender company.
  • The CDX user is allowed to use the same email address in different company registrations.
  • To simplify the usage of the Bulk Request templates minor formatting changes have been implemented in the MS Excel file (e.g. date field format, marking of conditionally required columns, add additional help texts to column headers). 

CMD Request supports multiple Part Numbers

In the CMD Request as well as in the supporting bulk request template (MS Excel Sheet) and in the corresponding Web Service Call you can now insert multiple part numbers for a single CMD Request. That means, with your CMD requests you don't need to send out separate requests for each part number anymore, but you can combine several part numbers in one CMD Request.

Import IMDS MDS: Allow deactivated IMDS BS/MMDS to be transferred

With the latest enhancements the Import IMDS MDS function will allow the import of an MDS which references deleted MDSs or deleted Basic Substances.

In detail, deleted Basic Substances will be replaced by a placeholder substance in CDX. This process will be documented in the transfer protocol (MIP). When the MDS was successful imported into CDX, this placeholder substance needs to be replaced by a valid CDX Basic Substance before the MDS can be released (send, propose, release internally).

References to deleted MDSs won’t stop the import as well. Such references will be converted into a node structure and the import will continue. The converted node structure should also be edited before further releasing the MDS.

JAMP AIS Material Classification in IPC Formats introduced

JAMP (Joint Article Management Promotion Consortium) promotes an appropriate management of chemicals, etc. contained in products within the supply chain and smooth information transfer and disclosure with regard to such chemicals. For those companies who use the JAMP AIS (Article Information Sheet) Material Classifications in their material data, we implemented these classifications in our IPC import and export process.

During the import of an IPC file into CDX, the system will attempt to match the material group according to JAMP and map them to an IMDS material classification. With the export of an MDS into the IPC format, CDX will map the IMDS material classification and export resulted JAMP classification as material group.

Accordingly the existing MDS classifications have been enhanced with the JAMP classifications.

Enhanced Regulation Administration

The Regulation Administration was enhanced to allow not only single Basic Substances to be referenced in your regulation, but also complete Basic Substance lists. The exemptions has been limited to a set of Basic Substances/Basic Substance lists.

In the MDS Ingredients screen you will now find your Regulations as a filter group. And Basic Substance lists, which are referenced in a Regulation have been removed from the Basic Substance lists filter.

New CDX Supplier Onboarding Service Package

The CDX system supports you with collection, maintenance and analysis of material data along your supply chain. In order to use CDX efficiently, you will need the support of your suppliers. Onboarding your suppliers is often one of the biggest challenges in the process, but it is important for all suppliers to participate and provide their data in the CDX system.

To support your onboarding process, we offer now a service package consisting of a CDX license including the supplier onboarding service. The requirements and the services for supplier onboarding which are provided by our partner compliance professional can be found in the service description.

CDX Web Services

The following changes in the CDX Web Service Interface (WSI) have been implemented to support the above mentioned enhancements:

MDS Request: The MDS Request WSI with it’s upload and download functionality is enhanced to support external recipients in requests (MDS Supplier which are currently not registered). The functionality complies now with the web application.

CMD Request: The CMD Request WSI has been changed to support multiple part numbers which are independent from the declaration scope. You can now insert multiple part numbers in a single CMD Request The WSI is compliant with the web application.

For a complete overview what Web Services can be used, please read the Web Service Manual (also available in CDX > Help > Web Service).

CMRT Version 5.10

CDX supports the latest RMI CMRT (version 5.10 – already implemented in December 2017).

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