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04/16/2018 - CDX Release 5.5 with further enhancements


CDX Release 5.5 (rollout planned on May 14, 2018) provides the following enhancements:

Adaptations of CDX for Compliance to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In order to follow new data protection regulations, new privacy features will be implemented in CDX. When logging in to CDX for the first time after the Release, every user is informed about the data use in CDX and is asked to confirm the use of the user’s contact information. The selection in this dialog can always be revised in the Personal Settings. Users do not have to accept the data use, you can still use CDX if you reject to publish your contact information.

Contact persons in CDX need to be designated by the company administrator in the User administration, and every single user needs to confirm that he/she wants to act as a contact in CDX. Only if the contact person confirmed to act as a CDX contact, it can be selected in CDX. Otherwise, it is treated as a deleted contact in already existing submissions. As this may lead to the situation that there are no contact persons on the day of the Release, there will be a grace period until May 25th, 2018 to still use contact persons that have not yet confirmed it in the Personal Settings.

We recommend that company administrators assess their list of users to discover contact persons. In case you do not have a contact, who confirms to have contact information published, you can also create a (placeholder) user with a generic mailbox.

The search-function of the "Trust User" administration is modified, so that it will not work without any search parameter anymore. To further specify the search, the company name will be a mandatory field.

In case of rejection (MDS or CMD), the personal contact details of the user who has rejected the submission are no longer shown in CDX without user confirmation. If this confirmation is missing, the MDS/CMD creator will not know the rejecter of the MDS/CMD.

Special changes for CMD Authorizer:
The personal information (name, email, phone number, title) for a CMD Authorizer is no longer specified by a free text field, but replaced by a drop-down list. User names appear in this drop-down list if the corresponding checkbox in the User Settings is marked. This means, that from now on only users can be selected as a CMD Authorizer. There is also a new field in the User Settings, where the title can be set for a user.

Enhanced Request Functionality for MDS and CMD

With Release 5.5 the following functional enhancements will be available for both MDS (Material Data Sheet) and CMD (Conflict Minerals Declaration) Requests:

  • As long as the supplier company has not confirmed the registration, the Requestor is allowed to update and/or resend the registration request.
  • The sent email is stored in CDX, and it can be accessed in the company registration details of a request.
  • The Requestor is now able to update the status of a request to “cancel”.
  • The Requestor is able to assign a received CMD/MDS or an imported CMD/MDS to a request and have the status updated accordingly.
  • The status of a CMD/MDS Request is displayed as “expired” instead of “sent” when the due date of a request has passed.

Additional IPC1754 Export Capability

With the new IPC1754 export capability CDX now also supports users who have requirements to file IPC1754 declarations. In addition to the existing IPC1752 and IEC62474 capabilities, users are now also able to export own or published MDSs as an IPC1754 document. Therefore the following new IPC1754 attributes are introduced on MDS level:

  • Product Group
  • Manufacturing Country
  • Manufacturing Site

and on Component level:

  • isArticle

On the MDS ingredients screen IPC1754 query lists are included, and IPC1754 use descriptors for substances and for materials are introduced.

CDX Web Services

The following changes in the CDX Web Service Interface (WSI) have been implemented to support the above mentioned enhancements:

Added changes to support GDPR in Contact File and CMD Web Service:
The Contact Download File (CC File) is adapted and enhanced to reflect GDPR. Two new flags “isCmdContact” (which indicates CMD Contacts) and “isAuthorizer” are added to the CC file. The flag “isContact” and “isCmdContact” are depending on the user’s personal settings.

For the CMD Web Service, “AuthorizerId” is added to Supplier Data. New CMDs need to use AuthorizerId instead of providing authorizer details.

Added methods/adapted Download-Files for MDS and CMD Request to support email attachment for requests:
Email attachment information is added to the MDS Request download file for external requests. Functions to add/download/remove email attachments are added to the MDS Web Service.

The CMD Request Web Service is enhanced with new Methods and parameters to support email Attachments.

MDS Requestor can assign an MDS to a Request:
The check for the “AssignRequest” Task of the MDS Upload interface which prohibits the Requestor to assign an MDS (Error Message 120) is removed.

For a complete overview what Web Services can be used, please read the Web Service Manual (also available in CDX > Help > Web Service).

CMRT Version 5.11

CDX supports the latest RMI CMRT version (5.11 - released April 27, 2018).

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