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05/20/2020 - CDX Release 6.2.2 with further improvements


CDX 6.2.2 (rollout planned on June 25, 2020) is a service release, dedicated mostly to bug fixing and streamlining specific functionalities. Most notable changes are



CDX is now by and by introducing data fields as related to SCIP reporting. This includes article categories and material classifications which will be made available shortly. Dossier submission will follow in CDX 7.0, to be announced shortly. 


MDS Requests

  • “Product not Affected” may be disabled in MDS request. If flagged, suppliers may no longer select “Product not Affected” as possible answer in regulation confirmations. This includes a new Check Rule preventing sending of such MDS to the recipient. 
  • "Require Attachments" – Requests can be used to explicitly request attachments on the requested MDS. If flagged, an attachment is required to allow sending the respective MDS to the customer. 



  • Exemptions set will be taken over to new versions / copies of MDSs in order to avoid unnecessary manual effort.
  • Substance groups are persisted with substances when internally releasing / accepting MDSs. This is to understand compliance of an MDS at that point in time in case regulatory substance groups change later.
  • Fixed an issue with finding substances when last version of a regulation was deleted.
  • Fixed missing compliance indicators in tree view.
  • Fixed wrong behavior selecting company specific regulations in MDS request.



  • Persisting the 100% flag now works reliably.
  • Overriding of certain attribute values in edit mode does not occur any longer.
  • Sorting by part number in search results fixed.
  • Reminder E-Mails no longer sent multiple times. If a user had more than one user account in a given company sharing the same E-Mail address, the user would have received information E-Mails per account, instead per E-Mail address.
  • MDS Update User Interface (UI) showing part numbers again. The recent changes in multiple  part number logic had broken the search result in MDS update display.
  • Special attributes “Type of supplied material” and “Content of supplied material” removed, which was required in some use scenarios.


CDX Web Services

  • “Type of supplied material” and “Content of supplied material” removed.
  • Adaptations to requests as mentioned above are also introduced to Web Service download and upload capabilities.

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