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Back Release 7.6 (10/27/2021)

With Release 7.6 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX

(rollout planned Nov 24th, 2021):

Ready for good CDX news?

We hope so. Because we´ve got some for you right now! Dive into the next level of our CDX release cycle 7.6. We are happy to point out the major improvements for you:



  • Received MDS from Suppliers could be checked in UI Screen, so that they are directly uploaded to SCIP DB. After successfully uploaded they would receive their Customer SCIP Number.
  • It is now possible to set a flag in the Company Administration to add by default all organizations units to the list for simplified SCIP notification (SSN).


  • Implemented Fix for the MDS Analysis including an extended tree search.

Check Rules

  • The 100% declaration change is now completed. That means it is implemented in the Company Administration, inherit to all OU and configurable. If it will be changed from warning to error no supplier is able to send their MDS to their customer.
  • Auto accept is now fully integrated.

IMDS Interface

  • Transfer Contact Information from IMDS to CDX.
  • Provide new Instance to increase performance.


  • Include the Spare Part flag in the MDS recipient information.
  • Add ECHA substance attributes to the WSI Substance download file (substance ID, substance, Name, IUPAC Name, CAS Number)
  • Introduce REST services for MDSs (Representational State Transfer).


  • The blinking Inbox Icon will be finally replaced- Instead we implement a notification so that if there are MDSs not yet browsed exists in the Inbox, an additional notification item will be displayed separately in the notification-dialog.


So how does this sound to you? Stay tuned for more good CDX news to come. We work hard to deliver them to you on a regular basis. Your expectation is our challenge.
Thank you for working with CDX!


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