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Back Release 7.8 (07/15/2022)

With Release 7.8 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX

(rollout planned July 21th, 2022):

Ready for good CDX news?

Because we´ve got some for you right now! Dive into the next level of our CDX release cycle 7.8. We are happy to point out the major improvements for you:

Our CDX Release 7.8 has a major focus to introduce now Cobalt and Mica Reporting to provide an Extended Minerals Module solution, that can be optionally licensed as an add-on functionality to the Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD). Along with CMD, CDX provides help in analyzing company responsible minerals data and assist in the declaration processes to improve company transparency, increase investors and customer interest, and meet the market’s growing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Responsible Materials Manager, which includes Conflict Minerals Reporting and the Extended Materials Reporting enables to:

  • Import and export in Excel format based on the newest CMRT and EMRT.
  • Create, send, receive, roll up and, validate CM and EM Declarations.
  • Provide comprehensive analysis tools and quality control.
  • Enable to sort and group smelters.
  • Ensure the most up to date smelters compliance information.



  • A CDX supplier company is now able to manually add generated SCIP number which was initiated outside of CDX (External SCIP number) to their own MDS.
  • When referencing an own MDS part that has only (External SCIP number) in a SCIP dossier this External SCIP number will be used for referencing.

SCIP Webservice

A new function of CDX web service includes the possibility to speed up the overall performance of submitting SCIP dossiers using the upload API if the MDS's structure only contains referenced sub-parts that has existing SCIP number/s and there's no need to search for SVHCs included in that MDS.

IMDS Interface

  1. Transfer Contact Information from IMDS to CDX.
  2. Provide new Instance to increase performance.

IPC175x Enhancement

CDX now supports query lists which means we add IPC-1752A Class “A” declarations to our qualifications.

Query List

Companies can configure within company administration screen if answering each question in the query list/s of a related regulation is mandatory for the supplier before they send back the data to their recipient/s.

SVHC Art 33 Reporting

CDX supports REACH Article 33: Duty to communicate information on substances in articles by reporting these Parts in Queue and Collection Manager (QCM). The report can also be created by Webservice.

CDX Webservices

One year ago, we introduced REST based Webservices. As communicated in our Release Notes for 7.5, in the long term, we are planning to obsolete the SOAP based Webservices. Further development of Rest Services is planned for almost all GUI extensions. At the same time, further development for SOAP web services will only be offered for customer projects on a time and material basis. We recommend our customers to switch to REST, so that extensions for in-house systems can be offered immediately.

So how does this sound to you? Stay tuned for more good CDX news to come. We work hard to deliver them to you on a regular basis. Your expectation is our challenge.
Thank you for working with CDX!


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