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Back Release 7.3 (01/06/2021)

With Release 7.3 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX

(rollout planned January 20th, 2021):

7.3 is mainly a continuation of what started in 7.2 and brings improvements to the SCiP functionality alongside some minor enhancements and changes to the Company Admin UI.


CDX SCIP Support

  1. Full SCiP reporting is now available using webservices.
    1. Single MDS upload & Dossier submission
    2. Single Dossier Pushthrough (data submitted will not be persisted in CDX DB)
    3. Dossier batch upload, incl. batch Pushthrough
    4. Full management of the SCiP Queues
  2. UI supports now multi-select of MDSes for batch submission to ECHA
  3. QCM queue management enhancements in regard to status processing and job handling. Further housekeeping enhancements to be expected


MDS Inbox

Automatching of received MDSes. When accepting supplied parts the user can choose to automatically fill up their own MDSs. CDX will look in own MDSes in Edit Mode whether empty nodes exist that match the type and partnumber(s) of the accepted MDS. If so, these nodes will be replaced by a reference to the supplier parts. This is extending the already existing capabilities to auto-fill MDSes when committing Webservice MDS uploads.


Admin UI and related functionality

  1. Quality Parameters: the CDX Company Admin allows to set various quality parameters and to configure to which result checking these parameters shall lead. This can be set at level of each org-unit. If not set, checks will use System defaults, resp. the earliest ancestor configured value. System defaults are shown below in (b)old
    1. Maximum allowed joker ¿ the maximum allowed amount of Joker-Substances in materials, including confidential substances, configurable as (w)arning / (e)rror
    2. Maximum allowed confidential substances, see above, but only for confidential substances (w)
    3. Per configured check rule: define whether the checkrule shall return (w) or (e), or should be deactivated. An exhaustive list of the almost 20 individual checkrules and their defaults will be provided soon. Note that currently all CDX checkrules are migrated to support this scenario.
    4. Per regulation in scope: define checkrule outcome. There are six checks per regulation, all with default of (w). These are
      1. Substance prohibited and above threshold
      2. Substance prohibited and above threshold beyond due date
      3. Substance prohibited, possible exemption missing
      4. Substance prohibited, set exemption but substance above threshold
      5. Substance prohibited, set exemption expired
      6. Substance prohibited, set exemption no longer valid
  2. Autoreject & reject adaptations for CDX MDS Inbox
    1. Implicit: by configuring quality check rules to return (e), suppliers will not be capable to send MDSes to their respective customers unless issues are resolved
    2. Added option to Inbox to auto-reject all items that will return (e) based on configuration as mentioned. Reject reason will be filled with error details, up to 4000 chars. This is a housekeeping functionality allowing companies to mass-process potentially outdated supplied MDSes in the inbox.
    3. Added option to parse errors/warnings to reject reason when manually rejecting an MDS. This is especially helpful for rejecting MDSes with lots of issues, as it takes the results from the rule check and populates the reject reason.


As always, the CDX team is dedicated to improving performance, stability, quality. For 2021 expect some long-standing feature additions ¿ such as batch processing of IMDS to CDX MDSes ¿ and many changes to the UI for improved user experience.

Note: SCIP Dossier submission requires at least an Entry License for Single Dossier Submission. For SCIP Dossier submissions in batch mode or using Webservices, a Small License or above will be needed and include a reasonably high number of Dossier submissions per annum.