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With Release 7.6 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX (rollout planned Nov 24th, 2021): Ready for good CDX news? We hope so. Because we´ve got some for you...
With Release 7.5 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX (rollout planned July 28th, 2021): DXC is proud to present another iteration in the CDX release cycle. 7.5...


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Back Release 6.0 (06.09.2018)

Release 6.0     (06.09.2018)

09/06/2018 - CDX Release 6.0 with further improvements


CDX Release 6.0 (rollout on October 10, 2018) provides the following enhancements:

Significant Changes in Regulation Handling in CDX

In order to support a wealth of regulations, both global as well as company specific, new mechanisms for display and configuration of regulations have been introduced.

  • Only display those regulatory details that are in scope of the MDS. This will reduce the amount of information shown in the MDS Detail view. Scope is set by
  1. the Company Administrator of the MDS creator in company preferences, where regulations are selected per organizational unit
  2. the receiving companies¿ Company Administrators as recipient default OR by recipient users per MDS request, overriding the company defaults
  3. as a consequence, the creator will only see those regulatory details that are required by the Organizational Unit set in tab ¿Supplier Details¿ and those that are mandated by the recipients defaults resp. request(s)
  • Introduce icons in tree and detail view reflecting on the regulation requirements: indicate forbidden / declarable / exempted substances based on
  1. thresholds set
  2. due dates set
  3. ¿Exemptions¿ required (note that the term ¿Exemptions¿ refers to RoHS exemptions, REACH authorizations, ELV applications etc. that are all indicating special allowed use conditions for a substance in a given context)
  • The same rules as for icons apply for new rule checks. Those checks and their results are documented in the CDX User Manual. Checks on regulations will return warnings ¿ not errors ¿ so that both creator and recipient still have the possibility to handle special circumstances that would allow for use of the MDS despite regulatory issues.
  • In order to fully support IPC 175x, regulations now can be configured having ¿Query Lists¿ and ¿Use Descriptors¿. These are shown and can be set in section ¿Query Lists¿ in MDS Detail, resp. alongside the substances in regulatory information in MDS Detail. Furthermore, regulations can have special type ¿Use Descriptors¿ that are treated as material classifications and can be set in the material as ¿classification¿.
  • Regulations can now be used to set filtering and limit searches on substances. Note REACH substance lists have been migrated to regulations, having the effect that you will have to set regulations as filter in order to find the REACH substances.
  • Historical view on regulations: internal release and acceptance of MDSs triggers the respective current set of regulatory information to be persisted with the MDS. The ¿regulatory state¿ of the release event, as well as any customer ¿accept¿ can be shown in the user interface, selecting the drop down list in ¿Regulations¿ in MDS Detail view. That setting also applies to the icons shown and any rule check executed. This will allow for simulation and recapture of compliance state at the times of release / accept.
  • For each regulation there can be a current (released, unchangeable), various historical (released, unchangeable) and one ¿future¿ (unreleased, work in progress) versions, that are distinguished by their valid dates. This also allows for checking MDSs against upcoming changes in a regulation.

Enhanced IPC 1754 Export / Import Capability

With Release 6.0, import and export of IPC 1754 is now possible, including Query Lists and Use Descriptors. CDX allows the user to import IPC1754 Class E/F/G declarations as own MDS in edit mode so it can be reworked and amended for further processing.  

Changes in Handling of MDS Requests / Pre-registrations

With release 6.0, users can now manage their pre-registration requests:

  • Edit, cancel, re-send those requests
  • Search for those requests and pre-registrations

CDX Web Services

The following changes in the CDX Web Service Interface (WSI) have been implemented to support the above mentioned enhancements:

  • The IPC Transformation Service is enhanced to support IPC 1754 documents for import and export. Existing interface is refactored.
  • The CMS Data download file is corrected for Regulation Confirmation. New default types are introduced.
  • The MDS download file is enhanced with Query Lists. It¿s also provided in the MDS upload file to respond to Query Lists as required by IPC 1754.
  • Functionality for MDS search returning metadata analogous to the MDS search in the user interface.
  • Functionality for MDS request search returning metadata analogous to the MDS request search in the user interface.

For a complete overview what Web Services can be used, please read the Web Service Manual (also available in CDX > Help > Web Service).