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Release 6.1     (26.02.2019)

02/26/2019 - CDX Release 6.1 with further enhancements


DXC is pleased to offer CDX Release 6.1 (rollout on April 4, 2019). The main focus of this release were the introduction of Multiple Supplier Codes and improvements in the display and understandability of Regulations, as well as further alignment of the CDX Web Services with the various processes in CDX.

Besides various improvements and fixes related to calculation updates in the MDS tree view and some fixes and adaptations in IPC175x import / export, the new release provides the following new enhancements:

Contact Information in Inbox

CDX now shows the most relevant contact information of the supplier proposing MDSs in the Inbox listing. This also allows for more adequate and useful reporting of supplier status.

Reject Reason in Outbox

CDX now shows the customer¿s reason if any for rejecting an MDS. This allows for a quicker insight and better reporting on rejected MDSs.

Multiple Supplier Codes

CDX now allows for managing multiple supplier codes of a company¿s suppliers. The company administrator may maintain a mapping of suppliers and associated codes. These are then attached to requests by default, as well as attached upon the supplier submitting MDSs to the customer.

Suppliers may additionally submit supplier codes.

In future versions of CDX, multiple supplier codes will be usable in various searches, analyses and the upcoming CDX Dashboard.


Under regulations details, substances that have more than one occurrence under a given Component are now shown as an aggregate with a fold-out listing of singular occurrences. This allows for example to identify first whether a substance is reportable at all under an article, showing the aggregate, and secondly to dive deeper and identify the materials that are using that substance for determining possible improvement scenarios.

Semi-Components are per default not considered articles (i.e. under REACH §33). A new flag ¿is article¿ now allows Semi-Components to be treated as articles.

Display and sort order of regulatory details in MDS details has been updated. They are divided by regulations that are in scope of the manufacturer and those in scope of recipients. If a manufacturer scoped regulation is also in scope of recipients, these recipients are listed with the regulation. Furthermore, section ¿Others¿ has gone, listing all regulations alphabetically in the respective manufacturer/recipient listing.


The request tab now shows the requests associated with customers listed in the customer tab, if any. Additionally, it is now much easier to associate on single datasheet with requests from different customers, directly using search results.

CDX Web Services

The following changes in the CDX Web Service Interface (WSI) have been implemented to support the above mentioned enhancements:

  • Various improvements in CDX Web Services error handling
  • Multi-Supplier Code handling has become part of the Web Services
  • Fixes and adaptations in IPC175x import / export

For a complete overview what Web Services can be used, please read the Web Service Manual.

We do hope that the new CDX 6.1 Release offers our customers even more improved quality and efficiency in managing their relevant compliance information and processes. Lookout for this release in April!