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Back Release 7.4 (03/22/2021)

With Release 7.4 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX

(rollout planned April 21th, 2021):

DXC is proud to present another iteration in the CDX release cycle. 7.4 has a major focus on IMDS import automatization & full synchronization of MDSes, further – behind the scenes – enhancement to SCIP reporting and performance optimization. Most notably: 


IMDS Import

  • Full SCIP reporting is now available using webservices.
    1. IMDS Import will now show original IMDS supplier information with the MDS, not only information about the IMDS importer company. This may – depending on their GDPR consent – include information about the IMDS contact person for the MDS. Note that this information is only visible to the importing company!
    2. IMDS Imported MDS search has been refined to reflect on the above
    3. Option to unconditionally release MDS from IMDS. While in IMDS an MDS is released this does not necessarily mean that they are free of errors & warnings when transferred to CDX, depending on the regulatory scope the importing company has configured. With this option, it is possible to maintain the IMDS release state without checks from CDX, allowing for real synchronization. The advantage is that data comes over “unmodified” and can not be changed, the disadvantage is that datasheets unconditionally released might need new editable versions, if a compliant state should be established. It is a business decision…
    4. CDX now has a new option to create IMDS imports as a one-time, daily, or weekly synchronization run against a defined scope of MDSes (all, current version of own, and/or supplied MDSes), which will do a full synchronization of IMDS owned data to CDX of all released and/or accepted MDSes. This will in a future release be extended to a full Inbox synchronization with the option to accept / reject MDSes from within CDX, and the option to push CDX sourced MDSes to the IMDS. For all companies that are primarily non-automotive, this is a great enhancement and road ahead! This enhancement requires an extended license. If you are interested, please contact us!


MDS Inbox


  • Automatching of received MDSes. When accepting supplied parts the user can choose to automatically fill up their own MDSs. CDX will look in own MDSes in Edit Mode whether empty nodes exist that match the type and partnumber(s) of the accepted MDS. If so, these nodes will be replaced by a reference to the supplier parts. This is extending the already existing capabilities to auto-fill MDSes when committing Webservice MDS uploads.




  1. Filter for deactivated projects in MDS Request and CMD Request inbox and other places. CDX by default will no longer show deactivated projects as a search parameter, but can be forced to do so. This should in some cases significantly reduce the amount of data displayed.
  2. Performance tuning of the Tree-Loader. This is noteable and noticeable. The Tree-Loader is the place where the MDS and all the additional detail information gets fetched for display. As our customers might have realized, the amount of data to be shown has massively increased in the last years, starting with all the regulation details and now SCIP etc. We have in the last sprint done many optimizations to regain speed while loading, allowing for increased efficiency while working CDX.
  3. The monthly regulatory Email has been reestablished…



  • Support of SSN will be part of the 7.4 release, but will be pushed to MOF2 with some delay. This feature allows CDX to create Simplified Notifications to ECHA once a primary Dossier has been created and “Selling Legal Entities” are configured for the MDS. This is transparent to the user and happens automatically with no further action required then to configure these entities.


As always, the CDX team is dedicated to improving performance, stability, quality. For the remaining three quarters of 2021 expect some long-standing feature additions, such as CDX Dashboard and the CDX to IMDS push can be expected. Stay tuned!

Thank you for working with CDX!