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07/06/2020 - CDX Release 7.0 with major enhancements

With Release 7.0 the following enhancements have been implemented in CDX (rollout August 13th, 2020):


CDX 7.0 introduces first iteration of SCIP reporting support

While the CDX Team is heavily working on further enhancing its SCIP support to fully automatized mass uploads and Dossier push through using CDX Web Services, we are proud to announce our first production ready iteration.

CDX now offers an option to create a SCIP Dossier and download the Dossier to your local hard drive. This Dossier subsequently can be used to upload to the SCIP database and test your products against the SCIP submission portal. Exporting an MDS into a SCIP Dossier file requires an MDS Entry License.

We did choose this approach, as we are intending to make sure that enough stability in the requirements and implementation of the SCIP database and S2S service exist. As ECHA and OECD announced upcoming changes to the S2S and IUCLID specifications, we delay roll-out of automatized functionality for the subsequent CDX release.

IEC62474, ed. 2

CDX now supports full export to IEC62474, ed. 2 (while still providing support of ed. 1). This further strengthens CDX position as one-stop shop for collecting material data in various cross-sectoral supply chains. The IEC62474 is the format also used in the Japanese chemSHERPA tool and thus enhances support for addressing the Japanese market in regard to reporting.

IAEG AD-DSL Version 4.0 Update

The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) released Version 4.0 of its Aerospace and Defense Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL). This IAEG AD-DSL in its latest version is now available in CDX.

CDX Web Services

The Web Service for CMD is changed to support CMRT versions 6.0 and 6.01. The question/answer section for Metals Identification & Conflict Free Policy is redefined in a common way, so it can kept stable in future CMRT version.

The creation of CMDs is not supported anymore, but will be replaced in a future release by a IPC/CMRT standard import.


On top of these changes, the team has as always been relentlessly optimizing CDX for performance and UI improvements.