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09/21/2020 - CDX Release 7.1 with further improvements

With Release 7.1 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX
(rollout planned October 28th, 2020):


As in CDX 7.0, one of our Release 7.1 major areas is extending SCIP Support. Also, we have started to implement much functionality that is not yet visible but the building blocks for upcoming changes in Supplier Communication Quality Management.

Thus, CDX 7.1 Release Notes read relatively short, but that is in preparation of the already in-progress activities for 7.2 and beyond:

CDX SCIP Support

  • Added "SCIP" compliance to the list of check-rules, as well as a flag for explicitly requiring SCIP compliance of MDSs, allowing for SCIP compliance to become mandatory in supplier communication.
  • Additional names and identifiers added to MDS properties. This in conjunction with the multiple part number feature will enable reporting of product groups / quasi identical products to the SCIP database.
  • ¿Default TARIC Code¿. Whenever set, this TARIC code will be used whenever an Article within a complex product does not have a TARIC code set. This is to enable reporting in cases where supplied Articles ¿ especially such far up the supply chain , do not (yet) have Article Categories set.
  • The Company Admin supports import of ECHA's legal entity and authentication file. This is needed for establishing System-to-System communication.
  • CDX now supports direct System-to-System communication with the SCIP database. Users must no longer download SCIP Dossiers to their Hard Disk in order to manually upload to ECHA¿s submission portal. Instead, Dossiers will be directly transferred and managed behind the scenes using the

CDX Queue and Collection Manager (QCM)

While the MDS explorer had already been renamed a while back, now it is more and more becoming the central management tool for all CDX communication. In Release 7.1. the QCM is the central place where users can view and manage their SCIP notifications. Whenever a Dossier is submitted, the QCM will show the current status of the transaction. CDX will try to mitigate technical error conditions at the ECHA side (such as Service not Available, temporary service failures etc.) but there are also circumstances that will require user interaction. In Release 7.2., CDX will add mass-upload of Dossiers and support for Web Services integration for the SCIP Submissions.

CDX Quality Criteria

  • Introduced new ¿max allowed range¿ for joker and confidential substances in company admin. This will support upcoming functionality where companies decide to override the CDX default thresholds.
  • Introduced new functionality in company admin to define whether exceeding allowed ranges / tolerances will yield ¿error¿ or ¿warning¿. Support of upcoming functionality where companies may decide to not allow their suppliers to send MDSs that have issues with weight tolerances resp. substance ranges.
  • Quality criteria have a separate section in company admin, and can be set on an organizational unit level.
    Wait for much more functionality to arrive with Release 7.2!

Note: SCIP Dossier submission requires at least an Entry License for Single Dossier Submission. For the upcoming SCIP Dossier submissions in batch mode or using Webservices, a Small License or above will be needed and include a reasonably high number of Dossier submissions per annum.

As usual, the team spend their time also on fixing some small bugs, looking for ways to improve performance, and , last but not least, start collection of ideas for a much more simplified UI experience. Stay tuned.