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Release 7.2     (11/26/2020)

11/26/2020 - CDX Release 7.2 with further improvements for SCIP

With Release 7.2 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX
(rollout planned December 16th, 2020):


As with our latest releases, we are still focusing on SCiP. The Jan 5th reporting deadline is rapidly approaching and we made sure to keep to our intended and communicated release timeline. While release 7.0 and 7.1 were about enabling SCiP base functionality, release 7.2 goes a major step beyond and enables our customers for the full scope of Enterprise Level SCiP submission processes.

CDX SCIP Support

  • Added support for multiple MDS Dossier submission. In CDX you can now select as many MDSes as you want from a search result, or results from the where-used analysis and submit them to ECHA with one single click. CDX will process these in background.
  • Extended QCM capabilities for batch processing of SCiP Dossiers. CDX ¿cockpit¿ for managing SCiP submissions is the QCM (look out for the Windows¿ Explorer¿ like symbol in the icon bar). QCM will hold a folder for each batch submission. Batches are executed sequentially, may be set to pause, resume, restarted. All entries represent MDSes, with their respective status when trying to submit to ECHA. Ones successfully submitted, CDX will automatically update the MDS to hold the SCiP number.
  • Extended the Webservices to support Dossier submissions (both single MDSes, as well as batch) and the full queue management. Webservices can be used to fully integrate CDX¿s SCiP capabilities in inhouse systems, without the need to configure ECHA credentials inhouse, create Dossiers inhouse, or even scale down data before submission.
  • SCiP Dossier push through. If using this option in Webservices, CDX will not even persist the structure information (BOM) of a given MDS when submitting a Dossier to ECHA. Upon enabling push through, CDX will create a declaration including matching of supplier parts, convert to a SCiP Dossier and discard the structural information associated with the MDS. This is for those companies that do not want their BOM information to be stored in CDX

In a future update, CDX will support automated creation of Simplified Notifications for legal entities. This is required in case the original legal entity is not placing the product on any European market, but local dependencies do instead. Under SCiP, any legal entity placing a product on the market is required to provide a SCiP Dossier. Simplified Notifications are a means of simply ¿exchanging¿ the legal entity for the Dossier, but else just referring to original data.


Note: SCIP Dossier submission requires at least an Entry License for Single Dossier Submission. For SCIP Dossier submissions in batch mode or using Webservices, a Small License or above will be needed and include a reasonably high number of Dossier submissions per annum.

As usual, the team spend their time also on fixing some small bugs, looking for ways to improve performance, and ¿ last but not least ¿ start collection of ideas for a much more simplified UI experience. Stay tuned