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Back Release 7.5 (07/01/2021)

With Release 7.5 the following enhancements will been implemented in CDX

(rollout planned July 28th, 2021):

DXC is proud to present another iteration in the CDX release cycle. 7.5 has a major focus on extending SCIP functionality, introducing and stabilizing the new IMDS to CDX Mass Synchronization interface, and many small outstanding improvements, too many to mention. A big emphasize was on technology, so there is not much to report in the CDX 7.5 release notes that is of public interest. The MOF2 rollout has already a sneak peek of some of the features, others will follow the next two weeks. .



  1. CDX now makes use of the referencing mechanism in SCIP Dossiers for own MDSes. Whenever an MDS is pushed to ECHA that contains “company owned” nodes holding a SCIP number, CDX will create a SCIP reference and not do a full Dossier. This addresses ECHA’s limitation on 1000 reportable items per Dossier (the amount of articles and substances that can be enclosed in a Dossier…)
  2. CDX as well will support the creation of SCIP Dossiers upon acceptance of supplier parts, making it possible to also use these for SCIP referencing. Note that this will not create an SSN against a supplier part, but a full Dossier for this, based on recipient specific information. In real life, SSN for supplier parts should rather be the exemption then the rule. We still do not and do not plan to support Referencing of supplied SCIP numbers to the inherent impossibility to verify contents at ECHA resp. receive notification on updates by ECHA.
  3. CDX Webservices will support setting of SCIP numbers at any node in the tree. This allows for making use of SCIP Referencing even on arbitrary nested nodes.


IMDS Import

  1. The parametrization of imports has been changed. We no longer support replacement of IMDS sourced standard materials with their most up-to-date version. Instead we use exactly the version as specified. If you need to update your IMDS sourced data in CDX, you will have to create a new version of the import. This ensures replication integrity.
  2. IMDS datasheets can be imported only once by a given company, in order to prevent duplicate data.
  3. IMDS import now honors also legacy substances, not replacing them anymore with a placeholder substance, resp. terminating the Import
  4. Performance has been improved significantly


  1. Many performance optimizations have been implemented. Also we made some adjustments in operations leading to separation of UI and import tasks.
  2. REST – we are now introducing REST based Webservices. This is done based on usage statistics and requirements from stakeholders. In the long term, we are planning to obsolete the SOAP based Webservices. The REST API for all major MDS Operation includes Upload, Download, Attachments, Regulations and SCIP Reporting. The API is documented in an OpenApi compatible format and part of the Schemas available as ZIP-Archive in the CDX UI help menu. Authentication for the AP function uses a Bearer Token (JWT Token) which can be received with the API itself.


As always, the CDX team is dedicated to improving performance, stability, quality. For the remaining three quarters of 2021 expect some long-standing feature additions, such as CDX Dashboard and the CDX to IMDS push can be expected. Stay tuned!
Thank you for working with CDX!