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CDX enables all industries to comply with international regulations related to the management and reporting of hazardous materials. We support our customers' competitiveness across industries, and their specific needs regarding global environmental legislation and reporting.

Global Environmental Legislation and Reporting

CDX brings the expertise to enable companies to:Industries

  • Stay ahead of the curve regarding the growing
    number of laws and declarable substances
  • Apply our industry-specific knowledge as more
    companies are affected
  • Provide industry-specific analysis and reporting
  • Simplify collection and consolidation of data
    through the supply chain

Take a look at our industry-specific pages to see how DXC can help your specific industry gather information for your compliance reporting requirements.


CDX Functions within the Manufacturing Industry

CDX enables manufacturers to create, receive and evaluate supplier material information so that it is:

  • Economically efficient
  • Secure
  • Traceable to versions and drawing data
  • In real time and in an aggregated form
  • In either complete substance declaration or flat Bill of Material reporting
  • Supported by 24/7 global operations
  • Web based and also available on mobile devices

CDX provides complete support that enables you to fulfill international regulations of hazardous materials and content reporting!

Automotive: IMDS and CDX

The International Material Data System (IMDS - www.mdsystem.com), was developed by DXC in collaboration with several automotive manufacturers for use in the global automotive supply chain. DXC has successfully operated the vast IMDS global system 24x7 for more than 15 years now. Today, we support more than 200,000 users in over 120,000 companies.

However, we found that a growing number of reporting requirements were occurring outside the automotive industry.  DXC leveraged the success of IMDS to create CDX, which provides a new set of services for these manufacturing industries. CDX provides special modules for the participating industries to cover industry-specific requirements as needed.

CDX Material Data Sheets (MDSs): Transports Material Information Along the Supply Chain

By using MDSs, companies will realize how:

  • CDX workflows allow requesting material data for a specific project
  • The system provides pre-defined standard materials, such as substances and substance groups
  • Each participant only needs to provide the information available at his/her own level - CDX aggregates the data and facilitates further utilization of the data along the supply chain.
  • Confidentiality and security is assured because each participant can only see substance information for materials in his/her upstream supply chain

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The Materials and Substances Declaration for the Aerospace and Defense, and other Industries standard IPC1754 is based on an xml-schema that can be used to report against defined declarable substance list (DSL) requirements. One such DSL making use of the IPC1754 is the IAEG’s AD-DSL, establishing a framework for reporting requirements in the Aerospace Defence and Space (ADS) industry. CDX fully supports import and export of that standard, allowing the CDX process to be included into industries’ supply chain reporting efforts anytime, anyplace. CDX allows companies to compile multiple IPC1754 based reports into one, enrich with further reports from other sources or internal data and then pass on either internally, or by exporting to either IPC1754 or other formats. DXC is both member of the IPC and the IAEG and supports in creating aforementioned standards and lists.

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CDX Works Across Industries

CDX can also help your industry manage material compliance issues easily, accurately and cost-effectively.

Do you want to know how or need additional information?

Visit our industry-specific pages or
contact us directly ...

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