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CDX for the Electronics Industry


The Electronic Industry provides a number of products that are used in everyday life and are part of articles provided by many different sectors of manufacturing.

Electronic and electrical engineering (EEE) companies are facing tremendous pressure from legislation, regions, non-governmental organizations and customers regarding the compliance of their products and environmental compliance. Substance usage in EEE products is increasingly regulated by multiple directives such as RoHS, REACH, and customer- and regional-specific regulations. These regulations continue to grow in globally reach and complexity. As the use of substances become more restricted, exemptions for these substances also grow.

Companies now require material data from their suppliers to assess the compliance of their own products and to control environmental performance.

Efficiently gathering this information from a global supply chain while complying with market conditions requires a tool to support these companies. The OEMs need to know the content of their products to:

  • Comply with regulations to avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Avoid costs for product recalls
  • Increase their market share

Manage RoHS2 and Exemptions with 

The CDX Service assists your company in collecting and managing information about certain hazardous substances in your products. The CDX Service provides the overview about substances and exemptions controlled and allowed by RoHS2 and allows you to collect, attach and to exchange RoHS compliance declarations.

The Electronics Industry plays a key role in delivering components to many other industries. While legislation may slightly differ for the each industry, the use of substances and materials contained in the products needs to be documented for all these industries to meet other industry legal requirements.

The CDX provides an easy overview about the content of your products, whether they contain REACH Candidate Lists substance or substances listed in REACH Annex XIV or XVII.

By using CDX, the use of hazardous substances can be monitored for your own company's use, own industry requirements, as well as for your customer industry requirements.

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Norms / Regulations for Electronics

The following list contains EU legislative requirements regarding material data of the Electronics Industry:

  • RoHS (Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment - recast)
  • REACH (Regulation -EC- No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)

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  CDX and IPC-175x   (DIN A4)

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The Material Declaration Management standard IPC-1752A establishes a xml-schema based reporting format for material declaration data exchange between supply chain participants. It is mainly targeted on bulk materials, components, printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies and similar items. CDX fully supports import and export of that standard, allowing the CDX process to be included into industries’ supply chain reporting efforts anytime, anyplace. CDX allows companies to compile multiple IPC-1752A based reports into one, enrich with further reports from other sources or internal data and then pass on either internally, or by exporting to either IPC-1752A or other formats. DXC is member of the IPC and supports in creating aforementioned standards and lists.

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The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62474 Material Declaration Standard is an  electronics industry standard for establishing declaratory compliance in regard to various environmental regulations. The standard is an xml-schema based framework for the exchange of material composition data and especially focuses on Full Material Disclosure (FMDs). CDX supports import / export of that data and most importantly addresses threshold calculations relevant for standard compliant reporting. CDX supports all levels of declaratory scope, including FMD.

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 CDX CMD Manager (US Letter)

 CDX CMD Manager (DIN A4)