What is SCIP?

European Union (EU) product producers & importers begin SCIP database submissions on 5 January 2021. Registration is an extension of the June 2011 REACH obligation to notify downstream product recipients of the presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), and so impacted EU product producers and importers are legally obliged and expected to know which products are impacted and have the required information for entry at implementation. As currently written, the Directives require every company producing a relevant product (article or complex object) in the EU, or which is imported into the EU, to report (known as the "Once An Article, Always An Article" or O5A Decision). Suppliers thus share the reporting obligation, even if the finished good producer is the only importer into the EU.

... and who created it?

European Commission (EC) Directive (EU) 2018/851 amends Directive 2008/98/EC on waste (The Waste Framework Directive) to require all EU product producers and importers to enter product registration information into a centralized substance database for all articles and complex products that contain REACH Candidate List substances above 0.1%. The amendments also instruct the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) to create the repository into which these product registrations will occur.

DXC Technology has been an active participant in the technical reviews and validation as the SCIP database is implemented and IUCLID interface is finalized. The DXC Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) team has developed and launched the SCIP dossier creation with an interface for client-authorized system-to-system upload from CDX into the SCIP database. Further requirements for SCIP reporting will be implemented in CDX as necessary, reasonable, and technically feasible, and as required for client REACH compliance.