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Ordering and Pricing - MDS License

DXC's Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) pricing structure is stable, transparent and easy to understand - and with no hidden fees.

We offer the following pricing and usage options:

  • CMD Manager license: Purchase a CMD Manager license, for an annual fee, and receive extended functionality to create Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs)
  • MDS license: Create Material Data Sheets (MDSs) with information from your suppliers, with license fees based on the size of your company

Basic Functions - Free of Charge

Once your company registers in CDX, each user can create MDSs and evaluate owned MDSs against legislations for their products and company and provide them to their customers at no charge.

Data sheets for own components can also be imported from other formats (IMDS, IPC1752, IPC1754 or IEC62474). For ease of data entry, comprehensive catalogues with Standard Materials and Basic Substances are available.

Incorporate Received MDSs - Prices for Material Data Reporting

A CDX MDS license is required if you want to receive and continue processing MDSs from your suppliers. You can purchase the appropriate license thru the integrated order process.

The different Material Data Sheet licenses are based on the size of your company respectively on the degree of usage. We are offering standard licenses for small, medium, and large companies with full CDX functionality for material data reporting.

The licenses depend on the number of suppliers from which your company will receive MDSs. The license comprises the usage of the whole system with its technical and organizational components. This includes the technical infrastructure, content (e.g. substance and material catalogues), software maintenance, security, service desk operations etc. The number of registered suppliers from whom MDSs will be accepted merely define the standard company sizes. For companies that exceed the defined standard sizes we are glad to offer individual licenses.

The following applies to all licenses:

  • Each license is valid for 12 months.
  • The number of received data sheets per supplier is not limited.
  • The number of received versions (updates) per data sheet is not limited.

With an Entry License a company can receive and process data sheets for up to 10 suppliers. The "Accept / Reject MDS" functionality, together with the free use of CDX by your suppliers, enables the exchange of material data sheets between you and your suppliers. The full functionality of CDX is available with the next higher license.

Optionally, we offer a service package consisting of a CDX MDS license including the "CDX - Starter Guidance". The requirements and the services for the Supplier Guidance - which are provided by our partner compliance professional - can be found in the following service document: CDX - Starter Guidance.


CDX supports Submission of SCiP Dossiers to ECHA. The options range from single MDS Dossier submissions, submissions of batches of Dossiers based on search results, submissions triggered by using webservices, and Dossier push-through via Webservices. Dossier Push-through means that no BOM data will be stored in CDX, allowing customers to use CDX and other sources to collect data to their inhouse systems, aggregate, and ask CDX to create a SCiP Dossier for the aggregate. CDX will push the Dossier(s) to ECHA, discard any BOM data except for the header information needed to manage communication. Combined with its own power, the various capabilities of importing data from industry standard formats such as IPC 1752 and 1754, and the integration capabilities, CDX is a SCiP powerhouse, including support of simplified notifications and SCiP referencing (upcoming).

The following table shows which functionality is included in each license:

License Limit
(Number of
per year
Service Pack:
License incl.
10 2,000 EUR
(2,400 USD)
3,800 EUR
(4,600 USD)
 Basic Functions plus 
 - Accept and Reject MDS
 - Export a single MDS into SCIP format*
100 13,500 EUR
(16,350 USD)
15,300 EUR
(18,550 USD)

 Basic Functions plus
 - Accept / Reject MDS

 - Produce SCIP Dossiers**
 - Export of lists via MS Excel
 - Export of MDS via IPC1752A, IPC1754
IEC62474 format
 - Administration of Company Specific Basic
    Substance Lists and Regulations
 - Reporting Functionality
 - Provision of CDX Web Service Interface 
    (CDX WSI)

250 26,500 EUR
(32,000 USD)
28,300 EUR
(34,200 USD)
500 42,500 EUR
(51,400 USD)
44,300 EUR
(53,600 USD)
* Entry License: support of singular Dossier Submissions (one Dossier at a time, manually issued)
** Small License: full support of SCiP Dossier submission up to 15.000 Dossiers p.A. Includes batch transfer and webservices integration
Medium: full support of SCiP Dossier submission up to 50.000 Dossiers p.A. Includes batch transfer and webservices integration
Enterprise: full support of SCiP Dossier submission up to 150.000 Dossiers p.A. Includes batch transfer and webservices integration.


For companies wanting to order an MDS License for more than 500 suppliers and/or companies that need more than 150.000 SCiP dossiers p.a. we would be glad to make an individual offer on request.

We offer the possibility to test the Material Data Reporting in CDX 30 days free of charge. The temporary license includes all functionalities except the CDX Web Services and Administration of company specific basic substance lists and regulations as well as the IMDS MDS Import (in case you do not have a valid AI license).

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