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Ask the CDX Service Desk

If you have any questions about the system, registration process, basic substances, etc. please contact our CDX Service Desk by e-mail to CDX-ServiceDesk@hp.com (in English or German language). The services include:

  • CDX registration support (administration of company/organization units and users)
  • CDX application function support
  • Collecting and dispatching requests about basic substances and other CDX master data
  • Collecting training requests

Basically, all registration-related issues fall under the responsibility of the CDX Company Administrators (special user profile with administration rights for his/her company registration). The CDX company registration is offered as an online function on CDX Pages under the responsibility of the registering company in accordance with the CDX Terms of Use. Furthermore CDX Company Administrators have online functions available to maintain their company and users.

In addition, password resets are the responsibility of the users themselves and, optionally, the respective CDX Company Administrator.

Should you have a question about a submission (e.g. reason for rejection), please contact your customer.


Contact CDX System

Hewlett-Packard GmbH
CDX System
Hewlett-Packard-Str. 1
61352 Bad Homburg

Fax: +49 (0) 69 - 2 22 21 21 80

e-Mail: cdx-info@hp.com

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