Brief Introduction

The DXC Compliance Data eXchange (CDX), a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from DXC Technology was developed for product data management and supply chain communication to assess product safety, compliant and sustainability. The CDX is centrally operated and supported by our in-house developer’s team, freeing you from IT considerations and constraints. The CDX solution is optimized for product manufacturers and suppliers in virtually any industry including Electronics, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Medical Devices, Aerospace and Defense. It owes its uniqueness to easy access through the internet using a supported web browser. The CDX solution does not require any complex IT requirements, in-house implementation tasks or any additional hardware or other resource.

Today’s wide range of chemical management regulations can impact a product's viability in virtually all global regions. Supply chain participants are often unaware of the obligations their clients must fulfill to sell products into these markets.  The CDX supports compliance with these obligations, enabling market access and helping reduce liability risks and prevent other legal consequences to protect your business. The CDX enables a standardized approach to the exchange of material data sheets and product structures, throughout the supply chain, successfully supporting the establishment of a material management processes. CDX Team consists of highly qualified in-house compliance experts and legal advisors possessing professional knowledge and expertise to manage your compliance efficiently and effectively within a changing regulatory compliance landscape and legislation trends around the globe.

A Compliance Management Solution for all Industries

Our vision is to provide an intelligent, secure, and digital solution for the product life cycle, which will ensure material compliance, corporate responsibility content creation, visualization, and data exchange across the entire supply chain.

CDX provides clients with robust capabilities to manage regulatory compliance, supply chain reporting, and data collection. CDX clients enjoy a globally accessible cloud-computing, compliance ecosystem with impressive import and export capabilities, using a variety of compliance data exchange protocols. The CDX Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment provides secure, managed data creation, validation, storage, editing with revision control, management, and exchange. DXC employs experts in material product regulations, product chemistry, and material engineering to continuously improve product compliance. CDX facilitates exchange of supplier declarations and provides the same functionality for external declarations where feasible.

CDX works with compliance data import and export in multiple recognized industry formats, including: 

  • IPC-1752A
  • IPC-1754
  • IPC-1755
  • IEC-62474, 
  • CMRT and IMDS-AI

CDX converts between those standards, enriching and aggregating data from various sources, and allowing companies and their supply chains to establish cross-industry, multi-tier data communication without data exposure or transmission. CDX provides comprehensive visualization mechanisms to understand, create, and maintain meaningful compliance data for improved business outcome and performance.

Materials Declaration for Thousands of Materials

Compliance with applicable regulations and managing product compliance to these regulations is crucial to maintaining global market access and protecting your organization from fines and damage to brand reputation. Being compliant as a business requires understanding of applicable regulations, which evolve very quickly. To assist you, CDX employs legal advisors, who monitor regulation-defining organizations, such as the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), for new revised regulations and directives, and then update CDX with the necessary information, so that you can allocate your resources elsewhere to support other strategic goals.

CDX contains standardized material declarations for thousands of materials produced to an industry standard and aids in the collection of product declarations from your supply chain. CDX focuses on regulatory material product compliance, including reporting against supported legal regulations, corporate responsibility concerns, and product sustainability topics.

CDX automatically matches the assigned substances in a Material Data Sheet (MDS) with the regulations that are considered in scope for the company. The reports generation and analysis tools in CDX make regulatory compliance management much easier to achieve your compliance objectives and conduct a transparent business essential for your company’s long-term success.  

Built in Regulations and Regulatory Directives Support

CDX development increases exponentially with the number of regulations posed into various markets. CDX addresses those regulatory challenges and have already ready solutions to ensure your compliance landscape around the globe. CDX is already integrated, and it is ready to get expert insights affecting your business including but not limited to:

REACH (including SCIP), RoHS, POP, China RoHS, California Proposition 65, Batteries, Packaging, TSCA, ELV/GADSL, HKC, Conflict Minerals, Extended Materials reporting, and many others.

External Clients System Support

The Web Services Interface (WSI) allows CDX users to leverage data in external systems and automatically exchange product and supplier data with CDX. The WSI integrates CDX data with in-house Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Environment Health and Safety (EHS), and Product Data Management (PDM) processes and other systems in your environment. This includes internal workflows to support product development and reporting.

A Superior Value Proposition

We bring to CDX customers, manufacturers, and their supply chain partners, not only world class IT expertise in analytics and data management, but also an extensive support system which is made up of CDX partners. CDX partners bring expertise in basic substance maintenance, process integration and data services, chemical analysis and sustainability management, as well as training and consulting for all aspect of regulatory compliance.

Compliance Management Made Easier with Strong Partners

CDX team and partners are well prepared to help clients address challenges in product compliance and business requirements related with corporate social responsibility, human rights, identification and management of conflict minerals, anti-bribery, and sustainability. Our goal is to build long term relationships with CDX customers to stay and support them in all areas of compliance management and help achieve success in new markets with their products purely compliant to regional and global regulatory compliant requirements.

Extensive Numbers of Materials Support Across Numerous Industries

CDX contains standardized material declarations for thousands of materials, produced to an industry standard, and aids in the collection of product declarations from your supply chain to assist your company in building complete, accurate, auditable, and secure product declarations. CDX automatically matches the assigned substances in a Material Data Sheet (MDS) with the regulations that are considered in scope for the company. A CDX user can use CDX to search for and display any potential violations of regulations regarding limits, exceptions, and expiration dates. The reports generation and analysis tools in CDX make regulatory compliance management much easier. CDX is a cross-industry compliance management solution for virtually all industries:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical Devices

Behind CDX - World's Largest IT Services Company

The Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) solution is offered by DXC Technology. DXC Technology is the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping customers harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. DXC is committed to a sustainable environment, human rights, responsibility, and safety because we recognize that sustainable business practices help build the right foundation for our success, as well as for our clients' success. Our analytics services and a robust partner ecosystem help clients uncover and apply insights rapidly to improve business outcomes.

Embedded Workflow Management

With inbox and outbox functionality in CDX, you can forward MDSs, CMDs and EMDs quickly and transparently to your customers and suppliers. It all starts with an email process to invite companies that are not yet registered in CDX. The bulk-mailing feature provides an additional option to send inquiries to several suppliers in one transaction.

Analysis and Reports

Managing large sets of compliance data has become an important part of conducting business. To meet these expectations, CDX offers a deep insight into CMDs, EMDs and MDSs from your supply chain. Analysis and report features, in a simple way, enable you to see your compliance alerts and deliver insights for compliance improvement and control processes within your industry.

Substance and Material Management

The CDX database contains more than 10,000 standard metals with compositions and norms, as well as standard materials and chemical pure substances. The data structures are standardized for all industries, and data can be communicated through all participating supply chains.

Beyond 3TG: CDX supports your due diligence with the Extended Materials Reporting 

Cobalt and Mica reporting templates from RMI EMRT are available in CDX as Extended Materials Declarations (EMD).  

EMD along with Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) provide the analysis tools to help valid company responsible minerals data and assist in the declaration processes to improve company transparency, increase investors’ and customer interest, and meet the market’s growing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) expectations.

Embedded CMD Manager

Corporate Responsibility, with respect to conflict minerals, is managed by the Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) module. A Regulation Wizard facilitates creating an MDS structure. It guides you through the supported legal regulations and simplifies provisioning of the required substances to create an MDS. Through the CMD Manager, clients can manage One Level Declaration, Partial Declaration, and Full Material Declaration.


CDX functionalities that support the Responsible Materials Management activities and Substance of Concern reporting enable companies to manage Corporate Responsibility and contribute significantly to United Nations goals on Sustainability, as well as Fair Labor Practices.