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Material Reporting

Toxic heavy metals and other hazardous substances, won as a raw material from natural deposits, come on combustion processes, effluent and waste in the environment and therefore into the human food chain. To protect the environment, as well as the health of people, the use of these substances now requires reporting obligations with severe limitations, and sometimes a complete ban in many industries.

REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, RRR, or the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) are the most well-known material legislations.  However, a vast quantity of national legislation exists worldwide, and continues to increase.

To comply with all this legislation, clear identification and reporting of materials used in the supply chain is needed. Without standardized processes and tools it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to exchange defined data throughout a global supply chain.

CDX is the answer. CDX enables a company to create, receive and evaluate the information required for the maintenance and reporting of material compliance data within or cross industry while protecting intellectual property.

Advantages with CDX Material Reporting

  • CDX is a web-based database to collect, analyze and submit material data with minimal technical requirements. There is no software to download or specific hardware, permissions, or operating system versions to be installed.
  • All information incorporated in the Material Data Sheet (MDS) is entered manually or via interfaces of information received from the supply chain.
  • Basic data such as basic substances, substance groups and standard materials facilitate the creation of MDSs and to secure a certain quality level.
  • CDX supports most industry standard (hazardous) substance lists, individually generated company lists, and 100% material declarations.
  • CDX automatically matches the assigned substances in a Material Data Sheet with the regulations that are considered in scope for the company. Potential violations of regulations regarding limits, exceptions and expiration dates are displayed. Standard reports and analysis tools provide in-depth ways to determine the compliance status.

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(European Chemicals Agency)

Read the News from ECHA, find Events and Webinars to be informed about chemicals legislations. You may also subscribe to get weekly e-News (press releases, news alerts, news items and web updates) and quarterly Newsletter from ECHA.

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Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures

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End of Life Vehicles

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