Anthesis Data Collection

The DXC Technology Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) team has partnered with Anthesis Product Compliance to extend CDX with industry standard material data exchange protocols such as the current revisions of the IPC-1752A  and IEC-62474. For those unable to work online in CDX, the Anthesis Compliance Data Collection (ACDC) tool is an Excel®-based workbook which facilitated data capture and conversion between industry standard formats including IEC-62474, IPC-1752 v1.1 and IPC-1752A. Declarations created using the ACDC may be created offline, converted to IPC-1752A or IEC-62474 once online, and then uploaded into CDX. 

Anthesis is a specialist provider of sustainability, information technology, and environmental consulting and program management services. Anthesis has established a global business that brings together sustainability expertise from around the world to serve a range of corporate, NGO and GO clients. Our partnership  with Anthesis has demonstrated their expertise in finding new ways of managing business risks and be more competitive through the delivery of sustainable business practices. Their approach is based on deep subject matter expertise and industry experience, and they implement approaches that deliver meaningful and lasting environmental, social and economic benefits.

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The following document gives further information on CDX and IPC-175x:

  CDX and IPC-175x   (DIN A4)