Business Services

Anthesis is a partner of DXC and provides full business process operation (BPO) of the CDX platform. Depending on the requirements, Anthesis can act as a long-term service provider for a fully or partially outsourced business process or provide temporary CDX support over a defined timeframe. An Anthesis BPO team can range from 1 full-time resource to 15+ full-time resources, depending on the number of suppliers, supplier parts and the process scope.

The following tasks can be handled by the Anthesis team:

  • Full Supplier Campaign Management
    • Preparation of master data in CDX
    • Launch of supplier campaigns
    • Monitoring of supplier campaigns, personal follow-ups
  • Inbound Data Validation
    • Assessment of inbound submissions, follow-up of rejected submissions
    • Data Mining, based on manufacturer data, drawings, homogeneous materials
    • Digitalization of unstructured supplier data (PDF etc.) -> transformation to IPC1752A data structure
  • Data Analysis
    • Sanity-check of material declarations, approval/rejection process
    • Continuous monitoring of supplier performance regarding response time, data quality
  • Regular supplier training and individual support related to technical and regulatory questions
  • Individual supplier support in local languages, supporting all time zones
  • Active escalation of non-responsive suppliers (at a minimum involvement of purchasing division)

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