Enhance Compliance & Sustainability  

in Your Supply Chain 

with CDX and Anthesis


Discover Full-Service Solutions for Material Compliance Reporting

Join us for an exclusive webinar designed both for current CDX customers and those interested in leveraging our expertise for their material compliance reporting needs. Whether you're dealing with REACH, RoHS, SCIP reporting, or other regulatory requirements, our webinar will introduce our services of chasing your suppliers for providing the necessary material data.

Language: English

What you will learn:

  • Streamlined Compliance Processes: How using CDX can simplify your compliance workflow.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Communication: The role of Anthesis in managing and enhancing communication and data processes across your supply chain.
  • Effective Data Management: Strategies for efficient supplier data collection and management to meet regulatory and social expectations.


  1. Introduction to DXC & CDX - Overview and benefits of using CDX for regulatory compliance.
  2. Capabilities of CDX - Learn how CDX manages supply chain data, ensures product chemical compliance, and supports responsible sourcing.
  3. Role of Anthesis - Brief introduction to Anthesis and its integration with CDX processes.
  4. Process Architecture with CDX - Detailed walkthrough of reporting, data preparation, and process flow.
  5. Focus on Data Quality - Ensuring high-quality data management and process KPIs.
  6. Pricing Framework - Overview of pricing structures for different levels of service.
  7. Relevant Case Studies - Examples from initial consultations to full outsourcing with Anthesis.
  8. Q&A Session - A opportunity to ask questions and get direct responses from our experts.

Whether you need initial guidance or are looking for long-term support, our experts will showcase how our tailored services can make a significant difference in your organization. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to improve your material compliance reporting and enhance sustainability in your supply chain.

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Your speakers:

Wolfgang Wick

Anthesis - Director Information Solutions 

Anthesis is the world’s leading purpose driven, digitally enabled, science-based activator. Wolfgang brings a wealth of knowledge in integrating sustainable practices into corporate frameworks.

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Thomas Frühbuss

DXC Technology - Account Business Executive

Thomas is the Account Business Executive for the International Material Data System (IMDS) and the Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) since 2012. His extensive experience ensures a deep understanding of regulatory compliance challenges and solutions.
Send Thomas an email at cdx-info@dxc.com