Aerospace / Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industry serves the design, development and service of commercial aircraft markets and a large number of products for use by the military. In both the areas, the materials used in the manufacturing and production of products present a significant complexity in achieving material compliance. Compliance with Conflict Minerals Regulations, REACH and SCiP are important for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. The Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) provides an elegant solution for managing these compliances with CDXs Chemical Compliance and Conflict Minerals Data Declaration Modules.


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The Automotive Industry has been using the International Materials Data Management System (IMDS) for more than 20 years for materials data management and reporting the compliance. The Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) works as an additional solution for materials data compliance for the Automotive Industry. CDX provides the Conflict Minerals Data management solution capability to those businesses and suppliers to automotive industry who require to produce Conflict Minerals Data Declaration.


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The electronics industry encompasses the design, assembly, and manufacturing of either electronic components or whole products for domestic and industrial markets. The materials used in the manufacturing of electronic components, parts, subassemblies and products make it necessary that the businesses meet the chemical regulatory compliance and adhere to the standards developed for the electronics industry. The Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) supports the electronics industry in managing the full material declaration (chemical compliance and conflict minerals) involving International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62474 Material Declaration Standard and IPC-175X series of standards which are xml-schema based reporting format for material declaration data exchange between supply chain participants.


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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment industry, also known as Heavy-Duty Machinery, includes Construction, Agriculture, Mining and Forestry and the Heavy Machinery equipment are mostly used for tasks involving earthwork. Virtually every heavy equipment is subjected to material regulations including REACH and Conflict Minerals. The Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) offers solution for managing these compliances with CDXs Chemical Compliance and Conflict Minerals Data Declaration Modules. CDX users can immediately start collecting materials information from their suppliers.


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The Shipbuilding and Maritime industry deals with the development and manufacturing of ships (for example sea vessels) for trade and merchant fleet and tourism industries. Shipbuilding industry has changed over the past years have changed significantly since the environmental and recycling requirements for ships, used for merchant fleet and tourism, under the Hong Kong Convention has become a strong challenge for majority of word┬┐s shipbuilding businesses. The European Commission (EC) has been the main driver for these changes.


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CDX enables all industries to comply with international regulations related to the management and reporting of hazardous materials. We support our customers' competitiveness across industries, and their specific needs regarding global environmental legislation and reporting.

Global Environmental Legislation and Reporting

CDX brings the expertise to enable companies to:

  • Stay ahead of the curve regarding the growing number of laws and declarable substances
  • Apply our industry-specific knowledge as more companies are affected
  • Provide industry-specific analysis and reporting
  • Simplify collection and consolidation of data through the supply chain

Take a look at our industry-specific pages to see how DXC can help your specific industry gather information for your compliance reporting requirements.