ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Strategy

With a focus on our customers, colleagues, and communities, DXC is committed to building sustainable and responsible business practices that create value for all our stakeholders and contribute to a better world. For further information please visit DXC’s ESG website: Environmental, Social and Governance (

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Standards

Heading Example

DXC’s Code of Conduct describes our framework for ethical decision making in all business situations:

Integrity Matters at DXC.

Our CoC document is available in 21 languages; please go to:

Code of Conduct (

Disclosures and Documents

All disclosures and documents can be found under: ESG Disclosures (, e.g.:

  • DXC Environmental Policy
  • DXC ESG Strategy
  • DXC Human Rights Statement
  • DXC Modern Slavery Statement
  • DXC Responsible Supply Chain Principles
  • DXC UN Global Compact Commitment statement

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