Conflict Mineral Reporting

CDX supports the Due Diligence responsibility of downstream entities under the EU Conflict Minerals regulation explicitly specifies any Conflict Afflicted High-Risk Area (CAHRA) that is similar to the obligations under the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502.  The current version of the RMI CMRT is fully compliant with the EU regulation.

For an annual fee of 2.500 EUR or $ 2,650 (USD), your CDX company can receive Conflict Minerals Declarations from your suppliers via CDX. Gathering the information within CDX, which is based on the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT), is free of charge for your suppliers and they benefit fully from the CDX CMD Manager functionalities. Optionally, you can import Conflict Minerals Declarations in CMRT format of your suppliers.

Our module for CDX Responsible Minerals Reporting was extended for Mica & Cobalt Reporting. This new module can be optionally licensed as an add-on functionality for an annual fee of 2,000 EUR (not as a stand-alone functionality).

Once your company registers in CDX, each user can manually input RMI-compliant Conflict Minerals Declarations (CMDs) for their products and company at no charge.

Based on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requirements, the CDX Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) Manager:
- Assists in the declaration process and roll up of information received from supplier companies
- Helps companies meet their reporting requirements
- Enables a managed Conflict Minerals Declaration process with full control over the company's supply chain
- Provides the best solution to manage the CMDs of business partners both working in CDX and exchanging CMDs with business partners not registered in CDX

The CDX CMD Manager provides different options for the management of CMDs:
- Import CMDs in an Excel format as defined by one of the different CMRT versions from suppliers who are not registered in CDX
- Create, send and receive CMDs from and to companies registered in CDX
- Incorporate CMDs received either via import or from CDX-using suppliers into your own company's CMDs
- Export CMDs into Excel files based on one of the template versions as defined by the CMRT
- Sort and group smelters within a CMD to provide an optimized view of the smelters, especially in complex declarations
- Validate CMDs imported into or created in CDX

The CDX CMD Manager handles different kind of smelters:
- Standard smelters which are listed in a version of the CMRT
- Conflict-Free Smelters defined by the RMI
- Smelters which register themselves in CDX
- Alleged smelters defined by the creator of a CMD
- Distributors and other facilities commonly, yet incorrectly reported as smelters

At least once a year, CDX is updated with the latest CMRT from the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), and CDX is one of the very few tools on the market that continue to support every version of the CMRT. Other functionalities include:
- Accept supplier and imported CMRTs
- Import and export of IPC-1755 RMI CMRTs
- Versioning of imported CMDs
- Choice to include duplicate smelter rows when exporting your CMRT
- Rollup of multiple supplier CMDs and CMD versions into your own CMD
- Bulk sending of CMD requests
- Automated email process
- Enhanced quality reporting and deficiency report
- Graphic representation of quality metrics and statistics
- CMD Web Services to integrate CDX CMDs and requests with in-house systems
- All these functionalities have made CDX into one of the most mature and feature packed Conflict Minerals solutions on the market.

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