Responsible Sourcing: 

Navigating Conflict Minerals

and Responsible Materials

Join us for an insightful webinar on understanding Conflict Minerals and Responsible Materials Declarations (RMD). In today's global marketplace, awareness of conflict minerals and responsible sourcing is paramount. 

Language: English

• Why you must know what is in your products
• Challenges Companies Face Today
• Growing Number of Compliance Regulations
• Brief Background of CDX
• Benefits of CDX
• Latest Enhancements
• CDX RMD Manager Demonstration
• CDX Pricing Structure
• Q & A

Our expert Chuck LePard will guide you through these crucial topics, offering valuable insights and practical solutions to enhance your compliance efforts. Register now to secure your spot!


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Chuck LePard

CDX Americas Representative (DXC)

With over 40 years of experience, Chuck collaborates with industry associations and standards bodies, supporting companies and users in achieving quantifiable progress in product chemical and social compliance, corporate responsibility, and sustainability.

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