Understanding the EPA's New TSCA

Section 8(a)(7) Rule on PFAS Reporting

Unlock the secrets of PFAS substances and navigate the intricacies of TSCA 8(a)(7) with our exclusive webinar. Delve into the implications of new reporting requirements, understand the applicability and impact on your business, and gain insights on compliance preparation using CDX.

Stay ahead of regulatory changes – join us to ensure your company is fully equipped for the future.

Language: English


  • What are PFAS substances and how are they defined by TSCA 8(a)(7)?
  • The implications of the new reporting requirements: What restrictions will they bring?
  • Applicability: Who will be affected, and why is the agency taking this action?
  • Assessing your impact: How to determine if you are affected?
  • Understanding which PFAS fall under the scope of the reporting rule.
Additionally, we'll explore how companies can prepare for future requirements and discuss how CDX can be instrumental in collecting and analyzing necessary data to ensure full compliance. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in regulatory compliance.
Your speaker:

Monika Kotkowska

Regulatory Product Compliance Expert (DXC)

Monika, a seasoned professional with Engineering and Master's Degrees in Chemistry and Polymers, brings extensive expertise in Conflict Minerals, Chemical Compliance, and ESG practices. Also part of AIAEG, and AEM, she actively contributes to IAEG WG9 and previously to MedTech Europe, showcasing her commitment to regulatory and industry standards.

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Will Martin

Managing Director of EPR Consulting Ltd
Will is specializing in compliance strategy for Extended Producer Responsibility legislation. With extensive experience in automotive and aerospace industries, he manages chemical substance regulations in IMDS and CDX, also serving as the training partner to DXC Technology in the UK, China, and India. Martin's expertise spans materials compliance, risk assessment, and database development integrated into the product development lifecycle for aerospace companies.

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Chuck LePard

CDX Americas Representative (DXC)

With over 40 years of experience, Chuck collaborates with industry associations and standards bodies, supporting companies and users in achieving quantifiable progress in product chemical and social compliance, corporate responsibility, and sustainability.

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